November 4, 2014

Review: Mondss Underarm Wear

Hello beauties. I think it's finally Autumn here in Barcelona since it's gotten cold, which means sweater weather. A while back, I found out about Mondss Underarm Wear* which is a product for preventing perspiration marks and damaging marks from building up on your gorgeous clothing. When I was contacted and offered the possibility to review the product, I was intrigued as to what they would look like and how it would feel going all day with them. 

Mondss Underarm Wear
Solution to perspiration
Avoid perspiration stains on your clothes by using Mondss Underarm Wear
Mondss Underarm Wear packaging

Personally, I think Jane McTernan's idea is genius because I know lots of us have had the situation where we get really hot while working and the unfortunate case of wearing a blouse which shows the unpleasant mark of our perspiration. Mondss Underarm Wear is designed to prevent such situations. 

The brand says to apply the pads directly to your underarms. It sticks to your skin and should absorb the perspiration which prevents marks on your clothes as well as seal in the odour. The product is sold in a box with 10 pieces of disposable pads, which makes that enough for 5 days.

I've tried using the product twice and I think the pads are shaped conveniently for the underarms. It feels sort of weird at first having something in your underarms, but after a while you get used to it. The product does prevent having any stains on your clothes but I found the odour still gets slightly through the pad and it stuck too much to my skin and was hard to remove afterwards. I was left with glue on my skin and that is not a good look for me.

So overall, I believe it is a great concept and I've seen good reviews about the product but it didn't work for me.

Overall Summary
Price - approx. €9.99.
Likes - prevents perspiration stains on your clothes.
Dislikes - adhered too much to my skin and was hard to take off.
Verdict - Not repurchasing.
Available - Mondss website.

Have you tried this product?

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