November 20, 2014

Review: NYX Eyeshadow in Shimmer Golden

Hola guapas, how has your week been? I love gold eyeshadows. I think it's a flattering eyeshadow colour for my skintone and eye colour. Even though I'm more of a matte girl, I'd occasionally go for a glittery eyeshadow even for a day look and this is my favourite shimmer shade. I've had the NYX single eyeshadow in ES12 Golden for a while now and i'm really glad it's in my collection.

NYX single eyeshadow
NYX Single Eyeshadow in ES12 Golden
NYX Eyeshadow in ES12 Shimmer Gold
NYX Amber Golden Eyeshadow Swatch

The packaging of this eyeshadow is pretty simple. It's a square box with a single colour eyeshadow in it and no additional section for mirror, brushes or what not. It is light and easy to carry around with you on a trip. Say if I was going for Christmas vacation, I'd take this eyeshadow and a dark brown shade for my crease, or even just this eyeshadow and use bronzer for the crease. It is a pressed powder shadow which is a copper golden colour.

I've used this shadow in 2 different ways. You can apply the eyeshadow all over your eyelid right after your eyeshadow base. This will give it a more pigmented vibrant colour. Or you can apply your eyeshadow base and then use an eyeshadow the same colour as your eyelid as an all over base, and then apply the golden NYX eyeshadow. With this you'll achieve a more subtle look. I didn't notice a lot of fall out with this eyeshadow, but whatever fallout there is can easily be brushed off the cheeks & will give a bit of a highlight so I'm not usually worried about fall out with such shades.

Overall, I think it is a great colour for warm skintone, and worth every penny I spent on it. It's probably going to be a go to shade for me this holiday season.

Overall Summary
Price - approx. €6.25. {I think I got it on discount in the Latvian NYX store though}
Likes - Gorgeous copper gold shade, pigmented.
Dislikes - A bit of fall out.
Verdict - Love it.
Available - NYX Cosmetics UK

Have you tried this eyeshadow or another shade of the same product? What do you think?

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