January 14, 2015

Review: Confume Argan Gold Treatment

Confume Argan Gold Treatment
Review of Confume Argan Gold Hair Treatment from Wishtrend
Argan oil hair conditioner

Hello beauties. Following my last haircare post about the Confume Argan Treatment Oil, I also got the Confume Argan Gold Treatment* with the same order from Wishtrend. I like to pamper my hair, a lot! Because when you have extremely dry hair like me, you're constantly on the search for products which will moisturize your hair and leave it looking healthy. So I decided to try this Argan Gold Treatment.

The Argan Gold Treatment comes in a huge tube of 200ml and is pale yellow in colour. Honestly, this is the first hair treatment I've had that comes in a tube and I'm not very happy with it. Somehow I mishandled it in the shower and now the cap won't close. This is not a huge problem as the product isn't leaking out, but I just feel the packaging should be stronger.

The Argan Gold treatment contains argan oil, almond oil and coconut oil, all of which are great for your hair. Argan oil is said to contain Vitamin E which helps hair growth and it absorbs easily into your hair leaving it moisturized. It treats split ends, dry scalp, controls frizz and adds shine leaving your hair looking and feeling great to the touch.

I have been using the Argan Gold Treatment for over a month now. At the moment, I am using it once a week after washing my hair, in place of a conditioner. I apply the product on my clean hair, leave it in for about 10-30 minutes and then wash it off. It is non greasy, and leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. It doesn't weigh down my hair or anything like that. I'm not too sure how it will work if you have very thin hair, but I assume you would just use less product and it should leave your hair looking gorgeous.

I love argan oil products because they are great for dry hair, so if you have any suggestions on which other products to try, be sure to leave them in the comments.

Overall Summary
Price - $9.99.
Likes - smells great, adds moisture to your hair and leaves it soft.
Dislikes - packaging.
Verdict - I will be looking into other brands.
Available - Wishtrend.

Have you tried the Confume Argan Treatment Oil or purchased anything from Wishtrend? 

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