March 13, 2015

5 Background ideas for blog photos

5 Background ideas for blog photos
As time goes by, we learn and get better at the things we constantly work on. Blogging is no exception. Photography is one aspect of my blog I am always working on as I believe a picture does make a big difference in how your blog is viewed. I like to share whatever knowledge I have with other bloggers, to help them in whatever way I can. If you're a beauty blogger, product reviews are something you might have a lot of on your blog and using stock photos just doesn't look good. It's much better when you take the photos yourself. But for that, you need a good background.

If you missed my post earlier on ideas for a White Background for Blog Photos, make sure to check it out because it offers budget friendly solutions. In this post, I'd like to talk about the other options we have for backgrounds. I think it's important to keep the background light and clutter free when taking pictures for product reviews as this helps make the product stand out better.

Here are a few of my suggestions of what else you can use. You can play around with a few of these and see what works best for you.

1. Photo frames

Using frames as a background for blog photos

Photo frames with inspirational quotes in them can make a very good option for a background when taking pictures of products. My favourite ones are white frames with a coloured quote in the frame, but I don't have any of those yet, so I used one I did for demonstration.
Unless you're using a very large frame, it will probably not be big enough to act as the full background in your picture {this will also depend on what type of camera & lens you are using}. So, what I would suggest is either use your table top or another of the options which you prefer {If you don't have a light table top, I would suggest using a white cardboard}.

2. Magazines

Using magazines as a background for blog photos
Do you love reading about all the latest celeb gossip and have subscriptions to at least one magazine? Well why not get a bit more for your money while you're at it. If you don't have a subscription, don't worry because some shops usually have free copies of small magazines of their new collections or something similar. I know not everyone loves these magazine pictures, but I think they are interesting. So if you do too, then go ahead and give it a try. Here are two ways you can use a magazine as a background:
- As a full background: You can use the magazines as the full background if you're taking a picture of one or two products, like I have done.
- As a partial background: If you're taking a picture of more products that may not fit on a magazine page or just want another option, then you can do a partial magazine background. In this case, you'll need to either use your table top or another of the options which you prefer, just like with the frames.

3. Fluffy rug

Using rugs as a background for blog photos
I'm guessing this point is self explanatory. If you've got a pretty fluffy rug in your bedroom, just throw your beauty products on it and get to work.

4. Plates

Using plates as a background for blog photos

Another item which can be found in your home and I think makes an amazing background for blog photos are plates. You can arrange some of your beauty products in the plate and add a gorgeous necklace or some rings here and there to make it a bit more interesting, then take a flat shot of your products. I really like white and gold or pastel plates.

5. Bed sheet

Using your bedsheet as a background for blog photos
I mentioned this as a background option in my post about white backgrounds for blog photos, but you can also use bedsheets with other designs which you like. They are available to everyone, and you can either just put the products on your bed and take photos, or get some clean sheets which would cover up whatever mess {yes, sometimes there is a mess all around when taking blog photos} you've got and give you a lovely base for your pictures. 

Those are my current ideas for what bloggers can use as backgrounds for product photography for a review on their blogs. I can already see which ones I like the most. I'm going to be switching up my photography to include some of these ideas.

Do you have any more background ideas? Please share them.

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