March 20, 2015

Home Office/ Beauty Room {The Before}

Home Office, Beauty Room, Woman cave - The Before

When I was little I had a huge vanity area in my bedroom and I remember how great it felt getting ready in front of the mirror. After going through pinterest and seeing those amazing looking room closets with shelves for shoes, a vanity area, clothes and bags carefully organized. Honestly, it makes half the girls drool and wish their room was like that. I am also guilty of wishing mine was. Ever since I started blogging, I've wanted a beauty room where I can go to get ready everyday, organize all my makeup and other stuff.

When we moved into our apartment, I knew right away that my wish had been granted because there was a small room down the hall. It isn't as large as I'd have wanted, but it is still perfect. You can call this room my Home Office, Beauty Room, Woman cave, Studio or whatever else you'd like. It is all of it. This is the room where I take most of my blog pictures and film videos for my youtube channel, it is also the room where I store all my makeup and get ready whenever I'm going out, and finally it is the room in which I design all my jewellery for Vanilla Shimmer.

Ever since we moved in, I've wanted to redesign this room so it looks the way I like and is pinterest worthy, but for some reason I just never had the time. Now that it is Spring, I can finally start with my redesign. As this is a rented apartment, I will try to make as few holes and dents as possible. I started the redesigning off this week by painting the room. Everything else will follow.

Please let me know your favourite home decor shops, so I can go check them out and order myself some lovely things for my new beauty room. I am extremely excited to see how it all comes together and I will share the final results with you once it is ready.

What does your perfect beauty room look like?

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