July 13, 2015

Travel: Segway Tour of Valletta

Segway Tour Valletta Malta
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Valletta Tour
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Valletta balconies
View of Malta

While in Malta, we wanted to have a look around the city and I'd heard that it was possible to go on a segway tour. I suggested the idea and a few others found it interesting because you get to ride the segways and see the city much faster than on foot. On Segway Malta we found that it is possible to book different tours you'd like. As we had already been to Mdina, we thought it would be interesting to see Valletta, so we booked an appointment for the 2hr tour which costs 55/person. 

We drove to Valetta and were met by the instructor who explained how exactly to ride the segways. I had never tried it before and it looked quite scary, but it wasn't. It was so easy to ride and a lot of fun. The only reason you might find it difficult riding them in Malta is because the island is made up of low hills so you constantly have to ride up and down. Going downhill was scary at first but once I got used to it, it was fine. I only had one unpleasant moment when I hit the segway on my leg while trying to avoid bumping into a car or falling off entirely. But that was a personal decision because I was scared to lean backwards too much in order to stop. If you go riding, don't be like me.

The segway tour also included historic and cultural information about Malta which was led by our instructor. We had a few stops but after the 2 hour ride, my legs felt sort of stiff and hurt a bit. I wasn't expecting it but it's logical as you're balancing on them for 2 hours. 

Have you ever tried riding a Segway?

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