September 29, 2015

Shoetique & Jones Bootmaker Boots Wishlist

Shoetiwue and Jones Bootmaker A/W Boots Wishlist
Heavenly Lasize Boots Black   |   Jones Bootmaker Serenity Knee Length Boots   |   Ecco Ankle Boots Mobile II Dark Shadow Wild Dove   |   Jones Bootmaker Newby Ankle Boots   |   Heavenly Feet Womens Annie Boots Black   |   Timberland Earth Keeper Glancy Women's Boots
The days are still warm in Barcelona but mornings and evenings are becoming chilly which means boots season will soon be upon us. I love the sun and I love summer, but I do love a nice pair of boots, snuggling under a blanket with cocoa and marshmallows, burning candles and lots of other things that come with Autumn/ Winter. Each year, I'm always on the look out for some new boots, so I've been going through the Ladies Boots collection from Jones Bootmaker and the Women's Boots  on Shoetique, and here are those that caught my eye.

The Lasize Boots and Annie Boots from Shoetique, as well as the Newby Ankle Boots from Jones Bootmaker are all great ankle boots for Autumn. The wedge and block heel is a great choice if you have a long commute or do a lot of walking around at work because they add a bit of height while at the same time keep you steady. If it rains a lot and gets slippery where you live, then these will be great for everyday wear. I really like that you can wear them with anything, and you can dress them up for an evening out.

While living in Latvia, knee high boots were my go to for winter because they kept my feet and legs warm. They are quite popular even if you don't live in such a cold climate and I've been looking to get a pair. While checking out Jones Bootmaker, I landed on the Serenity Knee Length Boots which I think would look great with a dress or skirt, topped off with a cream leather jacket or a trench coat. Now let's talk a bit about my favourite ones from this list which are the Timberland Earth Keeper Boots. I've wanted a pair of timberland boots for a very long time. I still remember the time when the mustard timberland boots were all the hype, and everyone had a pair. I liked them a lot but still felt they were quite rough, which is why these ones definitely got my attention. They are a lot more feminine but with a bit of edge, and lace up boots are always in. So it's definitely a win with this pair.

And finally, it's time to get a bit more comfortable than wedges and block heels. My style changes depending on my mood so sometimes I like to be a bit more sporty. Honestly, I feel like most people have those days. Even if you usually wear heels, you need to give your feet a break once in a while. On days like this, I throw on a leather jacket and some comfy shoes. Hubs really likes Ecco shoes as they are comfortable and breathable, so I've added these Ecco Ankle Boots to my list.

Do you pick comfort in the Autumn/Winter? Which of these are your favourite?

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September 25, 2015

Tips on Shortening your morning routine

Tips on shortening your morning routine, how to get ready faster in the morning

I've tried to be a morning person, but nope, I'll have to admit I am a night owl which means I always end up going to sleep late. Since I work from 8am, the whole getting things done at night doesn't work out so well for me. I like my sleep, a lot. If I don't get enough sleep I'm usually quite grumpy in the morning. So I've been thinking and I've finally come up with a way to shorten my morning routine which gives me more time to sleep {Win!}.

I can't say that I stick to this everyday because occasionally I'm lazy in the evenings to do anything that doesn't involve me being on the laptop. But on days when I do stick to this, I end up getting enough sleep, getting ready faster in the mornings and walking out the door looking fabulous.

1. Cook in bulk

This is the first thing that I believe impacts how fast you get ready in the morning. If you usually take lunch with you to the office, make sure to prepare enough food for a few days, say on the weekend. This way, you won't have to worry about this once you get up. This saves up to 20 minutes.

2. Pack your lunch the day before

Linked to the first point, not only cook your meals beforehand but also pack tomorrow's lunchbox before you go to bed. This saves you at least 5 minutes in the morning trying to put it all together.

3. Decide on your outfit the day before

If you're a fashion enthusiast like me, you'd probably want something stylish most of the time {there are days when I am totally not in the mood} which means you need a bit of time to come up with your ensemble. I love clothes which do not need ironing, this way I can think up my outfit while I lay in bed and just get it all out the next morning. If you plan your outfit and iron the items needed the night before, you're cutting off a minimum of 15 minutes in the morning.

4. Keep your makeup organized

I know some of us do better in messy situations than when everything is organized. And I know lots of times things may get messy because you didn't have time to organize, but I've noticed that if I have my makeup organized and keep my everyday products separate from the others, I get ready a lot faster. I don't need to check different places looking for where I put my eyebrow pencil or mascara. And this saves me another 5 minutes in the morning.

5. Wash your hair the night before

I'm glad I do not have oily hair which means I don't need to wash it that often. For those that do, I'd suggest washing it the night before and just refreshing it a bit in the morning. It'll look just as good. But if you still prefer washing it in the morning, dry it slightly and let it air dry the rest of the way. I always wash my hair at night during the week because it takes forever to dry. That's another 15 minutes minimum.

6. Low maintenance hairstyles

Ever since I started transitioning, I've really gotten into protective styling which means I don't have to spend much time on my hair in the morning. I always have 2 go to hairstyles which I spice up with a braid here and there when I have the time. For my straight hair girls who like to curl their hair often, I'd recommend sleeping in buns to skip curling your hair in the morning. 

All together, that's an extra hour of sleep gotten from following these tips. How great is that?! Usually, getting just 30 minutes extra of sleep is all your body needs in order to feel energized and ready for the day.

What do you do to get ready faster in the morning?

September 22, 2015

New In: Catrice Lumination Limited Edition & more

New in: Catrice lumination limited edition and more

Last weekend, I stopped by a beauty store looking for a perfume my friend recommended. As it quite often happens, I didn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did find a lot of other things. Firstly, there was a new Limited Edition Collection from Catrice called Lumination which featured lipsticks in rose gold packaging, gorgeous eyeshadows, baked bronzer, highlighter and nail polishes. So I picked up the Catrice Lumination Lipstick in Radiant Rose. The packaging is so beautiful, and for less than € 5. I fell in love immediately! I also picked up the Catrice Lumination Pure Chrome Eye Shadow in Radiant Rose which is a gorgeous pearl colour that I think would look beautiful on the inner corners of the eyes or as a highlighter. Lastly from Catrice I decided to try out the Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base. Whenever I'm applying eyeshadow, I prefer applying it on a base because it makes the colour more vibrant and makes it last a lot longer without creasing. 

Since I didn't find the perfume I was looking for, I decided to get one anyone because it was in the sale. I picked up the Betty Barclay Precious Moments which is a sweet feminine scent. I wear it to work as I try to keep my more expensive perfumes for weekends or evenings out {is it just me that does this?}. Lastly, picked up the Garnier PureActive 3 in 1 Wash/Scrub/Mask because my skin has been acting up lately. I have no idea why but I remember it being better when I was using a mix of Garnier and Lush, so I decided to give it a go. If you have any skincare product recommendations, please leave them in the comments because I really need to find a solution and get my skin under control. 

What beauty products have you been buying lately? Let me know so I can pick a few things up the next time I'm at the beauty store.

September 18, 2015

Review: Irresistible Me 8in1 Sapphire Curler

Irresistible Me 8in1 Complete Curler
Irresistible Me Saphire Curling wand
Irresistible Me 8in1 Saphire Curling Wand Review
Irresistible Me Tourmaline Infused Curling Wand
Tourmaline curling wand hairstyle results

I have grown to love my big curly hair but sometimes you need a bit of a change. As I'm trying to keep my hair healthy, I usually stay away from heat tools, but about twice a year I like to go all out and do a fancy hairstyle for myself. I've been using a very old curling wand for years and never got a new one because I don't use it that often. But recently, I was given the opportunity to work with Irresistible Me. Irresistible Me is an online store which sells hair extensions, wigs, hair tools and more. They are based in US but ship worldwide at an affordable rate so be sure to check them out.

I received the Irresistible Me 8-in-1 Sapphire Curler* which comes with 8 different interchangeable barrels giving you the possibility to achieve a minimum of 8 different types of curls (depending on how you use it, you can achieve more than 1 type of curl with some barrels). The ceramic tourmaline infused barrels emit negative ions when heated therefore neutralizing the positive electrons your hair may contain due to harsh chemicals, static electricity and whatnot. This results in beautiful shiny frizz free hair because it seals in the hair oils and moisture. You can regulate the temperature at which you use the wand between 250F-450F (120C - 230C). It also comes with a heat resistant glove which makes it easy to do your hair without burning your fingers.

The Sapphire curling wand warms up very fast and you can start styling your hair. Depending on your hair type it takes anywhere between 2-10 minutes to get a loose curl and over 10 minutes to get a tight curl. When curling my hair, I usually straighten it first, do a tight curl and then loosen them a bit with my fingers because that's how I get the best results. Using the sapphire wand, I was able to get a gorgeous tight curl in about 15 seconds at 330F (165C) using the 25mm wand. This honestly impressed me because my old curling wand would take forever to achieve similar results. Doing my entire head was very easy and fast to my surprise; and the resulting hairstyle was so shiny & glamorous I felt like a queen (all I needed was a ball gown). The one thing I didn't think about when I received the curling wand was that it comes with the US plug, so I couldn't use it until I got a connector.

I am extremely happy I own the Sapphire curling wand because now I can curl my hair a lot faster, and with minimal heat damage. If you're looking to get a new curling wand, I would recommend saving up a bit and getting a tourmaline infused one because it is a lot better for your hair. The Irresistible Me Sapphire Curler costs $199 which I think is a reasonable price considering the quality and content of the box.

What do you think of my results using this wand?

September 15, 2015

Summer Favourites: Lipsticks

Summer Favourites: Lipsticks
Summer Favourites: Highend and Drugstore lipsticks
Favourite summer lipstick swatches

Lipsticks are one of my favourite beauty products because they add colour to a simple everyday look. I do like my neutrals during the day but I'll also go bold in the evenings or the winter months. I really love that there are so many different shades, and two that look similar will still not be 100% the same. I wear lipstick quite a lot; whether I'm going to work, a casual meet up with friends or an evening out on the town, I will find a lipstick I am in the mood for. So I though I'd share some of the lipsticks I've been loving this Summer. 

Starting off with more neutral shades, we've got the MAC Satin Lipstick in Brave. I have been using this a lot since I got it because I love the colour, the finish and the stay. I am able to wear it to work and drink my lemon water without it coming right off. You can check out my full review on this lipstick here. Next I've got the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty. This is a gorgeous soft pink lipstick which looks great on any skin tone. It is moisturizing and pigmented, but doesn't stay on as long as I'd like. Still, it has been one of my favourites for a very long time. I think the colour is slightly similar to brave but a bit more pink. The MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Supreme Style was one of my first MAC lipsticks and I remember being very excited for it to arrive. It is a peachy toned lipstick which has a gloss finish. It applies well on smooth lips but could prove difficult otherwise. I like wearing this lipstick when I know I will not need to reapply often.

Now, time for a bit more colour. The P2 Sheer Glam Lipstick in French Kiss was sent to me by my friend Luchessa in one of her many packages. It is great because you can apply it really sheer or build it up to be more pigmented. So I usually wear it sheer during the day and darker in the evenings. And lastly, the Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick in It's a Matt World. It is orange-red in colour and applies smoothly to the lips. As the name suggests, it has a matte finish so I usually apply a lip balm before. I am not sure I can pull off an orange lip, but I'm rocking this one like it was made for me.

Let me know what your favourite summer lipsticks are?

September 11, 2015

Deep Conditioning Routine {Transitioning hair}

Deep conditioning is a must for me because my hair is dry and damaged at the moment. I try to stick to a once a week routine which I'd confess I occasionally skip on due to time but I would still cowash and do a quick conditon using one of my deep conditioning products. In my Deep Conditioning Products post, I shared what products I am currently using for deep conditioning my hair. I would also sometimes make a mix {I've got a few versions, so please let me know if you'd like to see them}.

For this deep conditioning routine, I chose to cowash my hair. Here is a step by step breakdown of what I do. I hope you enjoy the video. I'd really appreciate if you gave the video a thumbs up and subscribed to my channel.

Step 1. Wash/ cowash my hair

I cowashed my hair using the Lovea Nature Radiance Conditioner. While in the shower, I finger detangle my hair and then comb it to get all the tangles out. I leave a bit of conditioner in my hair when washing it out because it makes my hair softer. Then I pat dry my hair to remove excess water so my hair is not dripping when I apply the conditioner, because I will put my hair in a bun. 

Step 2. Section hair and apply conditioner

I section off my hair in 4 parts and apply a generous amount of ORS Hair Mayonnaise* to each section. Finger comb my hair carefully and then use an afro comb to get out the rest of the tangles. I try to be careful with my hair and not pull on the tangles. Then I put the section I just worked on into a braid. 

Step 3. Cover hair

Once I am done with the last section, I release the other braids and comb through my hair once more. I apply some more product around the edges and then put my hair up in a bun and use a shower cap to cover it if I've got one. Lately, it's been cling film as I find it the easiest {just use and discard}.

Step 4. Apply heat 

I usually use a soft bonnet* with my blow dryer and stay under it for about 15 minutes on medium heat. If you've got a deep conditioning cap, it's better to use this as the heat which is applied to your hair from a deep conditioning cap is a lot better than that from the blow dryer. I haven't got a deep conditioning cap but I am looking to get one so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Step 5. Wash it off & style

I wash out the conditioner and dry my hair using a t-shirt. I apply some leave-in conditioner to my hair, the Vitale 4-in-1 Growth Oil to my scalp and then seal in all the moisture with an oil. Right now I am using a mix of Olive oil, avocado oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I let my hair air dry and then I style my hair to blend the two textures for my morning hairstyle. 

Let me know how you deep condition & what products you use.

September 8, 2015

Paisley Polka Dots

Paisley Polka Dots Outfit
Blouse - Ebay   |   Shorts - Jennyfer   |   Kimono - New Look   |   Sandals - New Look   |   Glasses - Afflelou   |   Ring - Vanilla Shimmer   |   Necklace - H&M
Paisley OOTD
How to style a paisley kimonoHow to mix neutral prints

I'd recently placed in my first New Look order and had been waiting for it to arrive as I had some outfit photos in mind. Finally, I got it this Saturday and I couldn't wait to put it on. Once I got up on Sunday, I knew exactly what I'm wearing. I decided to go for a denim and mixed print look so I wore my favourite shorts, a polka dot blouse, paisley kimono and my new favourite white sandals.

I picked up this Paisley Print Kimono in black thinking it would be perfect for casual wear and to the office when it gets chilly but it's not yet sweater weather. It is such a gorgeous print and so easy to style. I fell in love immediately I put it on and feel like this will be one of those pieces that I'll wear all the time. The White Caged Chunky Heel Sandals were probably what I was most excited to receive as I'd been eyeing a pair of these for a while but hadn't gotten any until I saw these in the sale for €12. I was so surprised they still had them in my size, and I didn't waste a second before adding them to my basket. It's quite difficult for me to pick shoes online so I wasn't too hopeful with these, but they are amazing. They fit very well and are extremely comfortable, so I couldn't be happier. I'm sure to get some more shoes from New Look now that I'm aware what size to pick.

To accessorize my look, I decided a white necklace wouldn't take things overboard because even though I'm mixing prints, they are neutral so it all came together like I wanted. Ever since I made this magnesite ring, I've been wearing it non-stop because I'm guilty of being on the marble hype and it goes with everything. I've also got it in my store Vanilla Shimmer, so you can get one for yourself as well. And lastly, I obviously could not leave the house without my new pair of Ray Bans.

How would you style a black paisley kimono?

September 3, 2015

Beauty finds under €10: Makeup #1

Beauty finds under €10: Makeup
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge   |   Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder   |   Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes 2 Palette   |   Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette   |   Makeup Revolution Goddess of Faith Highlighter   |   Essence Longlasting Lipstick in 'Natural Beauty'   |   Catrice Ultimate Stay Lipstick in 'behind the red curtain'   |   Maybelline Brow Satin

If we all shopped high end beauty products all the time, everyone will be broke. In order to have good makeup or hair, it is not necessary to use expensive products. There are a lot of drugstore brands which also have products that are great and best of all affordable. There are certain items which I would splurge on but I use quite a lot of drugstore products and thought it would be great to put together some 'Beauty Finds' posts. I'm starting off this series by sharing a couple of makeup products I've either tried and loved or just heard great reviews about.

Starting off with a makeup tool, my current favourite way of applying makeup is using a beauty sponge. I've been using the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and I love it because it makes my makeup look more natural and is very easy to clean. I have a full review here, if you'd like to have a read. Next is a product I feel is very important for those with oily skin, but not only. The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is great for reducing shine and setting your makeup. I'm trying this one next in the shade transparent. When you apply foundation, some of the hollows of your face are covered up and I think it is important to put back some definition using a bronzer or contouring product. I've been loving the Sleek Face Form Palette but it didn't make it into this list as it costs a bit more tha10. But a lot of people like the Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring Palette which offers a contour powder and a highlighter. 

Makeup Revolution have some great products at affordable prices. I've tried their Hard Day Salvation Palette and it is a beauty. I'm a matte girl at heart mostly so the Essentials Mattes 2 Palette caught my eye and is on my list of products to try from this brand. I've also included the Blushing hearts Goddess of Faith Highlighter because I just couldn't get over how pretty the colour is when I saw the review on Mac and Cheese. It is a baked highlighter which I feel would suit any skin tone. Next up is an eyebrow product as I thought it was only fair I include it since I fill in my eyebrows all the time. My favourite product to use lately has been the Maybelline Brow Satin which is an eyebrow pen and powder in one. I did a review on it earlier, and have finally learnt how to use it without breaking the tip when doing my right eyebrow.

And lastly, I couldn't skip lipsticks because I feel they add colour to your face, and make minimal makeup look more polished. There are loads of affordable brands of lipsticks available, but two brands I use a lot are Essence and Catrice. My favourite shade from the Essence Longlasting Lipsticks range is natural beauty as it is a neutral pink shade that goes with everything and is perfect for everyday use. Catrice recently released some new Ultimate Stay Lipsticks which I haven't gotten to try yet, but I'm sure they will not disappoint me. 

What products do you love that cost less than 10?
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