September 11, 2015

Deep Conditioning Routine {Transitioning hair}

Deep conditioning is a must for me because my hair is dry and damaged at the moment. I try to stick to a once a week routine which I'd confess I occasionally skip on due to time but I would still cowash and do a quick conditon using one of my deep conditioning products. In my Deep Conditioning Products post, I shared what products I am currently using for deep conditioning my hair. I would also sometimes make a mix {I've got a few versions, so please let me know if you'd like to see them}.

For this deep conditioning routine, I chose to cowash my hair. Here is a step by step breakdown of what I do. I hope you enjoy the video. I'd really appreciate if you gave the video a thumbs up and subscribed to my channel.

Step 1. Wash/ cowash my hair

I cowashed my hair using the Lovea Nature Radiance Conditioner. While in the shower, I finger detangle my hair and then comb it to get all the tangles out. I leave a bit of conditioner in my hair when washing it out because it makes my hair softer. Then I pat dry my hair to remove excess water so my hair is not dripping when I apply the conditioner, because I will put my hair in a bun. 

Step 2. Section hair and apply conditioner

I section off my hair in 4 parts and apply a generous amount of ORS Hair Mayonnaise* to each section. Finger comb my hair carefully and then use an afro comb to get out the rest of the tangles. I try to be careful with my hair and not pull on the tangles. Then I put the section I just worked on into a braid. 

Step 3. Cover hair

Once I am done with the last section, I release the other braids and comb through my hair once more. I apply some more product around the edges and then put my hair up in a bun and use a shower cap to cover it if I've got one. Lately, it's been cling film as I find it the easiest {just use and discard}.

Step 4. Apply heat 

I usually use a soft bonnet* with my blow dryer and stay under it for about 15 minutes on medium heat. If you've got a deep conditioning cap, it's better to use this as the heat which is applied to your hair from a deep conditioning cap is a lot better than that from the blow dryer. I haven't got a deep conditioning cap but I am looking to get one so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Step 5. Wash it off & style

I wash out the conditioner and dry my hair using a t-shirt. I apply some leave-in conditioner to my hair, the Vitale 4-in-1 Growth Oil to my scalp and then seal in all the moisture with an oil. Right now I am using a mix of Olive oil, avocado oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I let my hair air dry and then I style my hair to blend the two textures for my morning hairstyle. 

Let me know how you deep condition & what products you use.

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