October 20, 2015

Review: Hairchalk.co

Hairchalk.co set of 12 hairchalks
Hairchalk.co review
Pastel and crazy colour hair using hairchalks
Aqua hair using hairchalks

You've probably seen the crazy hair color trend which is taking over the world right now. I cannot even count the number of pastel hair, deep crazy colours or even rainbow hair pictures I've seen. Because we are not all brave to permanently dye our hair an unnatural colour but really want to try out the trend to see how we like it, the hairchalks are a great idea since they wash off when the hair is shampooed. I've been given the opportunity to try out one of the Hairchalk.co sets. I decided to pick the Independence Red Blue Ombre Set of 12* because of the range of colours.

I was very excited for them to arrive because I've wanted to try out an ombre effect with a colour like purple or aqua. The hairchalks from hairchalk.co are designed to be used wet and you have a few options how to do that. You can either wet your hair and run the chalk along it, wet both your hair and the chalk, or melt the chalk in water to make a paste and apply that to your hair. I found it worked best for me when I used dry chalk on wet hair. I tried out a few colours almost immediately and learnt a few things. Firstly, if you have dark hair then your best bet are the lighter colours like aqua as opposed to the dark purple. Secondly, it isn't possible to colour your hair with the chalks and then braid it because the entire colour comes off by the time you're done. 

So, when I decided to do the ombre effect, I was faced with a bit of a difficulty when using this product because since I am transitioning to my natural hair, I always live in braid outs or twist outs in order to blend the two textures. I chose to do a half up-do keeping the top in a bun so I don't have to curl all of my hair. Working in small sections, I sprayed my hair with some water and then applied the chalk. Once I was done, I carefully combed my hair to remove the tangles and excess colour, lightly blow dried my hair and then curled it using my Sapphire 8-in-1 curler. To give it a fuller look, I separated the curls and was ready to go. 

I think this product would work great on a wash and go on natural curly hair or on straight hair. Just make sure you are wearing some old clothes and have a towel on to avoid the powder getting all over the place. I was extremely happy with the results and the colour. So much so I am considering doing an aqua ombre using semi-permanent dye.

Overall Summary
Price -  $ 18.70
Likes - temporary hair colour that washes off when the hair is shampooed
Dislikes - only works on wet hair or with a wet chalk
Available - Hairchalk.co

Have you every tried hair chalks? What do you think of my ombre hair?

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