January 26, 2016

DIY Hair Moisturizing Spray

DIY Hair Moisturizing Spray

Due to my hair being very dry, I moisturize my hair daily. When moisturizing your hair, one of the main things you need is water. It is the most natural form of moisturizer you can possibly find and it's the first step of my moisturizing process. Water is important in order for the rest of the products you apply to penetrate your hair rather than just sit on top. Here are the details on how to create the moisturizing spray I use.

What you will need:
- A spray bottle
- Distilled water
- Pure Glycerin
- Rosemary essential oil {optional}

Fill the spray bottle with distilled water, add 1 tablespoons of glycerin and 20 drops of rosemary essential oil. Shake the bottle to mix up the ingredients, and it is ready to use.

You can use just water in a spray bottle if you have normal or oily hair. But if you have dry hair like mine, then I suggest you add glycerin. The glycerin helps the hair absorb moisture from the air, leaving it a lot more moisturized than when you use just water. Be careful with glycerin though as it can remove colour from the hair so if you use semi-permanent hair dyes, you might want to stay away from it or use it with caution. I add rosemary to my moisturizing spray because it adds shine, fights irritation, flakiness and dandruff, stimulates hair growth and thickens hair.

I use this spray whenever I am styling my hair after washing or cowashing, as well as everyday to refresh my hair and add moisture. I always seal with an oil in order to keep the moisture in.

How do you moisturize your hair?

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