March 29, 2016

Items to redesign my work desk

Redesigning my work desk

My desk at the office has become very boring and uninspiring. This always becomes a problem for me because I spend so much time at work and I want to be surrounded by things that make me happy. So I've decided I want to revamp my cubicle to make it more personal and I've chosen a white and gold theme as it is my favourite for office spaces. I may be going a bit over the top with some of the items but I don't really care. 


The first thing I picked out is potpourri which has a beach theme because the mermaid in me just can't get enough of anything beach related. I also need a bowl to put it all in and some crushed glass to make the white and gold a bit less boring. To keep random coins, lip glosses and other things, I decided I need some sort of fancy jar. The Gold Pineapple-shaped Glass Jar from H&M would be absolutely perfect although after checking today I'm not sure if it is available or not, but I really hope so because I need one for the office and also one for my home office/ beauty room. I love anything pineapple (I have no idea why); my friends sometimes make fun of me because of this.

Mousepad and stationary

What is better that pretty stationary? Not a lot. I've liked/pinned countless photos on instagram and pinterest of pretty stationary and desk decor. I just can't pass by without leaving my love for these. And I'd actually like to own some so I've decided to go with a marble mousepad and white&gold notebooks, pens, pencils, scissors and the rest. I'm having difficulties finding a store that sells lots of gold stationary and ships to Europe, so if you know any please let me know.  

Whiteboard & Markers

My cubicle is mostly made of glass, but has a metal frame. So hanging a whiteboard might prove slightly difficult but I'll just glue it if I have to. The reason I chose a whiteboard is that I work with numbers all day and sometimes it's more comfortable to have the figures written down and not in a sheet in excel on my pc. For these cases I usually use sticky notes, but the amount of sticky notes I go through during the month.

What stores do you suggest I check out? What other items can I add?

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