April 19, 2016

Review: Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base

Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base

Primers set a great base when applying foundation for any skin type, for oily skin I think this is a product you cannot skip. I've been searching for the perfect primer for a while and from all the drugstore ones I've tried, some of you may remember the Rimmel Stay Matte being my absolute favourite. Well, that was true up until my skin went crazy and even the Rimmel primer wasn't cutting it for me. That was when I went to the inglot counter and asked for a sample of their mattifying primer. I tested this out and it was working a lot better for me so I decided to get the full sized product to give it a proper try.

The Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base comes in a 30ml black tube which makes it easy to use the product. The product itself is a matte slightly opaque cream which when applied to the skin mattifies it and sucks up all the excess oil. The sales rep at the counter kept letting me know this was for extremely oily skin when I was purchasing it; and this I agree with, because it is so mattifying that if you use this on normal skin, it would probably just look horrible or flake or something. Even for very oily skin like mine, it is recommended you use a pea-sized amount when applying.

Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base Review

When applying the product, it has a silicone feel but I love that it smoothens the skin and pores setting the base for your foundation. What I found was that it makes applying foundation with a makeup sponge difficult. It isn't sticky per say, but the foundation tends to become patchy if you are not careful. This is usually corrected if you need full coverage and are using more than one layer, but if you just need light coverage then I would suggest using a buffing brush. 

Overall, I like this primer because it makes my foundation hold for 5 hours before I have to blot, which in comparison to the 2 hours my MAC Studio Fix Fluid is now holding is quite impressive in my opinion. I don't know why my skin is in oil production overdrive, but hopefully it will pass.

Overall Summary
Price - approx. €27.
Likes - absorbs excess oil and mattifies the skin.
Dislikes - makes applying foundation difficult.
Verdict - repurchasing.
Available - Inglot counters/stores, Inglot online.

Have you tried the Inglot Mattifying Makeup Base? Which is your fave mattifying primer for oily skin?

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