July 16, 2016

JVC Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones

JVC Deep Bass Wireless Headphones
JVC Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones
JVC Deep Bass White Bluetooth Headphones Review

For a while now I've wanted a pair of over the ear headphones. Originally I wanted to get a pair of white and gold ones and didn't really think if I wanted the regular ones or wireless ones. But during one of my visits to the gym, my hand got hooked in the wire of my apple in-ear headphones and my iphone went flying. It was such a scare, but fortunately only the tappered glass protector I have on got affected. That's when I decided that wireless is important, so I started searching for a wireless pair. Considering I may sometimes be a bit impatient, I decided to just get one from one of the stores in Barcelona and keep looking for my perfect pair of white and gold ones. After searching a few stores, I settled on the JVC Deep Bass Wireless Headphones.

The physical appearance of the JVC Deep Base Wireless Headphones isn't extremely pleasing. Other than the crisp white look from this specific colour, the material it is made of looks pretty cheap as opposed to some other brands which retail at the same price. Still, they were the only white pair and I was determined to give them a fair trial. They are lightweight, easy to wear, expandable to fit most of my hairstyles and I really like that it has a mic, letting me answer calls which come in without taking out my phone. The ear pieces can be turned, in order to make the headphones flat which makes them easy to carry around.

The headphones are easily rechargable and last about 10 hours of play time which is more than enough for me considering I mostly use them for the gym or when I take public transport. Even though the material doesn't look very sturdy, it is pretty strong and even after handling it badly a couple of times, the headphones are perfectly fine. The sounds is loud and clear with the posibility to increase the volume both on the headphones and on your phone. It also has a button to turn the bass on/off depending on your preference. I really like the headphones, still I feel they are slightly overpriced as I've seen some good ones on amazon for about € 30.

Price - approx. €70.
Likes - colour, sound.
Dislikes - plastic looks a bit cheap.
Available - Fnac, amazon.

Do you have any suggestions for a pair of white and gold bluetooth headphones?

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