February 7, 2017

How To Style Marley Twists: 8 Easy Hairstyles

How to style braids and twists

I love braids/ twists because they give you a totally different look, they protect your hair, and give it time to breathe from all the brushing and daily maniculation. Once you have your hair in braids, you'll get at least a 2 week break from all the products you apply and touching that you do. Protective styling helps your hair grow and remain healthy. Even though there are protective styles you can do on a daily basis, I find braids amazing because of how long you can wear them.

The first time I tried out marley twists, I fell in love. You can check out my post on Marley twists for details. And if you're interested, I can make a youtube video showing how I do them myself. It usually takes me about 3 hours, but more if I have a friend over to keep me company. I always use the invisible braid method because it looks a lot more natural. Most people never even know I'm wearing extensions unless I tell them, although this year it's a bit more obvious as I've done the blonde ombre/ balayage.

Braids don't have to be boring, because you can style them almost the same way as you'd style your natural hair. I've been wearing mine in different styles and thought I'd show you a few. Let me know which is your favourite.

Half bun

Marley Half-bun

Separate your hair in 2 sections. Then tie the top with a band and twist the hair in the form of a bun. Place the ends into the band and if needed secure the bun using bobby pins. Even without bobby pins, the bun stays in place really well for me so sometimes I just don't bother.

Fountain marley

Marley Fountain hairstyle

Separate the front section of your hair and tie it at the top of your head, letting the braids fall down. This is my go to hairstyle when I am in a rush but want to do something other than leave them down. It's very easy and looks pretty.

Harley Quinn ponytails

Harley Quinn Ponytails

Separate the braids vertically in half so you're left with one section on either side of your head. Put a band around each section. If they are not on the same level, hold the part of the braids closest to the rubber and pull. This should help move the band to position it correctly. These ponytails make me feel like a 2 year old. They are so cute and quirky, and give your outfit a totally different look. 


Marley bun

This is another easy hairstyle, for which you just need to take all your hair and tie it at the top of your head. Then starting from the top, twist the braids together and roll the hair into a bun. Take the ends and stuff them in the band used to fix your hair. Use bobby pins to hold the braids in place in a few spots, or if you're in a rush you can just leave it without the bobby pins. This gives a polished look but is quite heavy on the head.

Mermaid Braid

Mermaid braid, fishtail braid

This is my favourite party hairstyle when I've got braids done. I put all my hair on the right side and twist the front section of my hair until I get to my ear. Then hold the hair in 2 sections and do a fishtail braid by taking two braid on one side and joining it to the other. I keep doing this until I get to the very end, and then apply a band to hold it. This hairstyle is another heavy one but looks amazing!

Half-up Space buns

Half-up space buns

Separate your hair in 2 sections. Take the front section and separate it vertically in two, and tie each section. Take the first section on the right or left and twist it into a bun. Secure the ends in the elastic and repeat the same with the second section. This is probably my favourite one of all. The half-up space buns! It looks so cute, I just can't get enough.

Messy top knot

Messy Marley Top knot

Separate your hair horizontally in 2 sections. Take the front section and put a band around it twice. When putting the band the second time, you only have to pull out the braids half way. You'll be left with a top knot. Messy up the top knot by moving the braids around and pulling some more than others.

Pulled back top knot

Pulled back marley top knot

This is a version of the messy top knot which is just positioned differently. When positioning the braids before pulling them together, make sure to put it more towards the back, and flatten the top knot a bit to achieve the final look.

How to style marley twists - 8 easy hairstyles

How do you style your braids?

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