May 9, 2017

Photographer in Barcelona (Anita Nebo Photography)

Anita Nebo Photography Blogger Photoshoot

Blogging involves photography and even though I fell in love with photography before blogging, blogging has helped me improve a lot with my photography. I still remember the quality of the photos in my posts from my first year of blogging, and honestly, they make me cringe. With time, I started getting better at it. I read a lot about photography, about using manual mode, understanding Aperture & ISO, editing with Photoshop & Lightroom, and shooting in RAW. I enjoy learning new things about photography & putting them in action.

Anita Nebo Photography Product Shoot

At the end of last year, I finally decided to create an instagram account for my photography and Anita Nebo Photography was born. I've done some TFP (Time for Print) work and been trying to build my photography as a business. I've created a facebook page and I'm working on creating an online portfolio.

I'm loving this new journey I've started on. I'm really enjoying meeting new people and helping them realize their imagination in the form of photography. It would be my pleasure to shoot with some of my readers and blogging friends, so if you're visiting Barcelona and would like to book a photo session, check out my social media & contact me at 

Anita Nebo Photography Portrait

Bloggers/Influencers living or visiting Barcelona, Catalunya

Any bloggers living in Catalunya or those visiting Barcelona who would like to create some amazing new content for their blogs. If your coming to Barcelona on holiday but also want some quality shots for outfit posts, be sure to let me know & we can arrange a session.

Models & MUAs in Barcelona, Catalunya

Models & Makeup artists who either live in Barcelona or those visiting for a short while, in need of fresh content for their portfolios, I'd love to be involved in your project.

Brands in Barcelona & International brands

For brands/companies located in Barcelona, I offer on location shoots. So if you are in need of photography for a new product or collection, or if you're a restaurant in need of new photos for the menu, you can contact me to discuss details. For international brands, I will need the product to be shipped to me and can do a studio or lifestyle shoot. Each project is different and adjusted to fit the needs & requirements of each client. 

Anyone looking for some new quality images

Whether you're looking for new photos for yourself or have an event like a proposal, birthday or bachelorette party which you'd love documented, be sure to contact me so we can discuss the details.

Anita Nebo Photography Model Shoot

I hope you take the time to check out my work, and if you're looking for a photographer in Barcelona, be sure to email me at so we can discuss your project.

I would love for you to stop by my Instagram & Facebook and let me know what you think.

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