October 16, 2017

Travel: Exploring, Hiking & Rafting in Lleida

Parc Nacional de Aiguestortes
Rialp, Spain
Sort, Spain
National Park of Aiguestortes
Calf in the mountains
Aiguestortes Mountains
Hiking in Lleida
Hiking in Aiguestortes
Admiring the view in the mountains
Rafting Llavorsi
Rafting Lleida

I recently had the pleasure to spend a few days in the North of Spain and visit Rialp, Sort, Espot and Llavorsi, all of which are located in Lleida, Catalonia. These are all in the north of Lleida and are about a 3.5 hours drive from Barcelona, but if you've got music and good company it goes by in a breeze. We set off Saturday morning and had a hotel booked in Rialp. On the way, we stopped by Sort for a bit of exploring and some lunch, then we headed off to the hotel.

Our entire Sunday was spent at the National Park of Aiguestortes where we went hiking to take in the amazing views and beautiful mountains. The trail we took wasn't too difficult, and after getting to a large section of the river with a stunning view, we had a bit of a rest and some lunch prior to heading back. The mountains weren't the only things we admired, while hiking we also came across some cute calves and horses. Up into the mountains and then back, we hiked a total of about 19km.

On the last day, we had planned Rafting in Llavorsi. Considering I wasn't feeling too well, I wasn't sure I wanted to still go ahead with it because I knew there was a possibility of getting wet, and since it was quite a cold day I didn't want my flu to get even worse. Finally, I braved it up and got dressed in the wetsuit and jacket, put on my helmet and off we went. Honestly, best decision ever! We had such a great time and it was so much fun. I will definitely be doing it again, except maybe this time I'd be smart enough to bring my helmet strap for the action camera so I can record it all.

Any suggestions on where in Spain or Europe I should visit next?

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