November 11, 2019

3 Reasons I'd love to visit India Again

It's now been over one year since I visited India and the memories it left me with are so beautiful. I visited for a business trip and only spent a few days so we didn't get to see much, but the little I saw was amazing. I want to explore more of India, the different cities, the buildings, the food, the culture, everything. 

I love the food and the spices, and I was already used to the spices because in Nigeria they love their spices in food. So I felt free eating so many different things. Although I did stick to eating in restaurants and didn't dare the street food.

New Dehli India

Here are some of the reason I'd go back to India:

Taj Mahal

This beauty in all it's glory unfortunately didn't make it to my camera roll. We stayed at New Dehli when visiting India, as that's where the office was. And since we were staying just weekdays, we didn't have enough time to make the journey to Taj Mahal which is about 3 hours from New Dehli. There are so many stunning images of Taj Mahal and I would love to see it for myself, so the next time I'm visiting, I'd make it my mission to get there.

The colours of the buildings

India has a very rich culture. There's something about the beautiful buildings and the colour of the buildings in India. We visited Humayun's tomb and I was blown away. I've seen the colours of Jaipur and what the city has to offer and I can't wait for when I'll get to experience it in real life.

Explore more than I was able to

I've seen so many amazing images of not only Agra but Jaipur, but another part of India I would love to experience is the festivals. I've been to a Holi festival here in Barcelona but it cannot compare to what it is like in India. I have regular content with India and they always tell me about their festivals, and oh my would it be an amazing experience to be involved in one of them.

Have you ever been to India? Would you like to visit? Tell me all about the reasons you'd love to visit India.

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