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Thank you for your interest in getting the free Lightroom Desktop Preset. They say a photo tells a thousand words, and as a photographer I totally agree with this. I understand the importance of creating beautiful images to share with the world.

Presets are not designed to magically product amazing photos. Presets are a way to enhance your already amazing pictures. In order to use this preset, you will need to have Lightroom on your laptop.

Be sure to share your before and after photos with me on instagram, and I'll be happy to shoutout all my favourite ones on my instagram stories at @itsanitasky. Use hashtag #anitapresets when sharing.

Before and after

Important information about the Preset

What are Presets?
A preset is a pre-determined combination of sliders in Lightroom. This allows you to edit photos quickly in lightroom and maintain the same aesthetic for your photos. Presets are used by many photographers and also bloggers and influencers to enhance their photos and maintain a theme for their instagram feed.

How to install the preset in Lightroom

Option 1
- Unzip the downloaded folder
- Double click on the preset.
- Click "Install" in the pop up window that opens in Lightroom
- Restart Lightroom

Option 2
- Unzip the downloaded folder
- Open Lightroom
- Go to Edit -- Preferences -- Presets
- Click on "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"
- Double click on Lightroom
- Double click on "Develop Presets"
- Copy the folder of your presets into the "Develop Presets" folder
- Restart Lightroom

Adjustments to the edit
Although presets help in editing photos, they may not always be a one-click fix. Once the preset has been applied, some adjustments might be required. I recommend limiting the changes to the "Exposure" and "Shadow" slider in order to get the final edit.

If you have any troubles installing the preset or have any other questions, you can reach me at

Let me know if you have any feedback on the presets.

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