February 21, 2012

Pupa Sequin Makeup clutch

"Go shawty, it's yo birthday! 
We gon party like it's yo birthday"

Yea, so yesterday was my birthday and I had a nice time at home with the family, dinner was soooo yummy I thought I could eat it all night non-stop... Smart much?! Well after a few bites, I realized I couldn't...But all the same, dinner was fantastic. And yea, I had 3 different cakes, which was also nice. I had a taste of all of them and they were all full of some sweet goodness or the other. 
Ok, enough about all the yummy food I had for my birthday, moving on to the more interesting aspect - PRESENTS!!!!
I love the way everyone loves me, and I love them all right back. This birthday was all about pampering me, myself and I.

I got a gift card for a day at Jurmala Spa. Can't wait to go! 

And the lovely ladies at the office made my day today by giving me this amazing Pupa makeup kit.

It’s so elegant and covered in sequin. Plus, it has so many amazing colors:
-11 different shades of lipstick
-6 shades of eye shadow

Also included in the kit is:
- Blush
- Eye pencil

Pupa Makeup clutch
Different shades in the pupa makeup clutch
Sequin makeup clutch
More colors of the pupa maekup clutch
I think this is one item every lady should have. Very comfortable to take along with you where you need if you are going for a sleepover or just staying at you man's place. *wink*
Hitting the club next weekend, and I will definitely be doing my makeup with this kit. Woohoo! 

Clutch Mania dolls!!!

What do you think of my new super clutch makeup kit?

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