June 27, 2012

3 things to do the night before an interview

A lot of people are nervous the night before their interview. And even more nervous on their way there. I know it's hard for many people for different reasons. For some, it may be because the language of the company is not their first language, for others it may be because they are worried about what they will be asked and how their response will be evaluated. I believe that there are quite a few things you could do to give a better first impression.
Getting ready for an interview
1. Read about the company - Before going for an interview, it may be a good idea to read about the company. I think this is a good way to show that you are prepared and have studied what the company does. By doing this, you show that you know what you are applying for and getting into. Trust me, you don't want to be lost for words if you are asked a simple question like what does the company offer to it's customers.

2. Prepare your outfit for the big day - I think this is a total must. You wouldn't want to be getting half your wardrobe out the day of the interview trying to put together an outfit. I for one get very nervous when looking through my wardrobe and not being able to find something I like. Especially if I'm beginning to run late because of that. Also, it may of course depend on the type of job you are applying for, but I believe a classy business outfit always gives a better first impression that a mini skirt or jeans and a shirt. If the employees then tell you that casual is fine, then you can dress the way you prefer.

3. Get a good night rest - Studying about the company and getting your outfit ready is very important, but all of that doesn't pay off if you don't get a good night's sleep. Nobody wants to look like Frankenstein at their interview. So make sure you go to bed early, get some rest and then you would wake up with beautiful glowing skin (and no circles around the eyes).

So next time you have an interview, try the following steps. They will help cut dress up time the next morning and give you a confidence boost which should help with the nervousness.

Have you ever been nervous when going for an interview? What do you do when nervous?


  1. These are really good tips dear! Reading about the company is key if you want to get the job! We have been thinking about baby boy names but nothing has really stuck and finalized yet! I had a ton of girl names and only one boy when we found out ;P

    1. Thank you hunni. I agree. I'm sure you would think of something amazing. Will be looking forward to finding out. ;)


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