June 22, 2012

Feature Friday: Fashion Pas

I am pleased to announce that the forth blogger being featured on my blog is Rita of Fashion Pas. Rita may be new to the scene but she is putting together some amazing outfits using polyvore. I love her posts on one dress four season like this one. I like the fact that you don't have to own a lot of dresses, you can just put together different items like she did. 
Rita is a sweet little pumpkin. As always with my featured bloggers, Rita and I exchanged quite a number of emails, and I must say, she is a dear. I feel like I know her now and like we are friends. It is so amazing. I loved her replies to my questions. Now I definitely know who to ask for an opinion if I'm thinking of taking a vacation. I also adore the 3rd interesting thing she told me about herself, I think it is amazing how the past impacts on the present and future. I have put together a picture of the lovely lady behind Fashion Pas and some of her amazing outfit combinations.
Feature Friday: Fashion Pas
Name: Rita

Blog Name:  Fashion Pas

Where we can find you: Auckland, New Zealand but also on Twitter

What we can find on your blog: 
Most of the time, eye candy. Sometimes a polyvore board, others an item I really like, a review here and there but always something I am so excited about, I have to share with others. 

Future plans regarding your blog:
I have been putting together outfits on polyvore for a long time. I used to do it when I needed a break because I find it so enjoyable. I then started pinning those outfits and found I wasn't the only one finding them interesting. Having been a blogger on other topics for about 5 years, a blog was the natural progression for me. I have so much fun with my blog that I do wish I could do this as a job. I started it as a way to share beautiful things with others. Then I noticed I could also share my thoughts on products I like. And as it grows more and more into a sharing platform, I find myself more and more dedicated to it and wish I can reach as many people as possible. Once I am done with my current work project, I will seat down and consider where exactly I can take it but, for now I am just sharing :)

Some Interesting things about you: 
1. I wouldn't say interesting but I have spent the past four years doing research on the effects of singing on well-being, and that involved getting people to sing and donate saliva (plus the usual psychology questionnaires)...What may be interesting is that I am not a singer myself or a musician by any standards. 
2. I am from Portugal, went to University in Lisbon where I lived for 6 years, moved to Vienna after that, Brussels, Brighton and am now in Auckland...My globetrotter career may not be over! 
3. As a young girl and teenager I was so interested in fashion, designing clothes, planning outfits, that I used to spend the Summer days at the beach planning and drawing sketches of all the outfits I would wear at school the following Autumn! 

If you would like some ideas on putting together an outfit, you should definitely check out Rita's blog.

{Thank you Rita for giving me the opportunity of getting to know you better. It was amazing. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


  1. she puts some wonderful outfits together. love how chic and sophisticated they are! :)


    1. I had the same feeling when I saw them! <3

    2. Aww thank you girls! It feels really good to "hear" that. It really means a lot to me! :) xox


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