June 15, 2012

Feature Friday: Lippy in London

I am really happy to announce our featured blogger. This week I am featuring the amazing Hannah of Lippy in London. Every week I am always excited to get the replies to the questions which I ask the featured bloggers. It is so nice to get to know them better. Hannah runs a beauty and style blog where she tells her readers about different beauty products and other fashion related topics. If you love looking pretty (and we all do) then you should check out her blog. I've been reading her posts for a bit now, I liked her post on Strawberry curls, I think they came out really pretty. She also has a new post on a tanning lotion, which I also thought was cool.
 I love the way Hannah looks in the very 1st picture, I think red lips look amazing on her. And her leggings in the 3rd picture are lovely and very interesting. Kind of some galaxy design or something. Well, I asked Hannah some questions and here is what she told me.
Feature Friday on Cherryfashion: Lippy in London
Name: Hannah Rose

Blog name: Lippy in London

Where we can find you: Twitter
                                                         Hello Cotton
                                                         Email: lippyinlondon@gmailcom

What we can find on your blog:
A mixture of beauty reviews, news and brand raves as well as outfit posts and features on quirky fashion finds. I love vintage fashion & beauty, so you'll find a few posts about pin up style etc.There will be the odd lifestyle piece here and there in the future too.

What inspired you to start blogging:
I worked as a features writer for a magazine back home in Australia and I started to miss writing professionally last year, so Lippy in London became a sort of creative outlet. I have a little sister who started asking me to do her make up for her, then my friends started quizzing me for makeup tips and skincare advice, so I figured I'd start sharing with people around the world too :). Compiling the beauty pages and fashion spreads for the mag in Australia was one of my favourite aspects of the job and now it's like I can recreate these whenever I like. love having a blog because it means I can write what I want, when I want. I have a sort of policy that means I don't write negative reviews about products or brands. If I don't like a product, I just won't feature it.

Some interesting things about you:
1. I moved to London from the Gold Coast, Australia in February 2010.
2. I've never eaten red meat, even as a child!
3. I was short listed for the MTV makeover show 'Plain Jane' last year. Kind of embarrassing but true!
4. I really, really like bright red lipstick and unique leggings!

If you like to look pretty and want to know what to look out for during your next trip to a beauty store, follow Hannah.

{Thanks you so much Hannah, its was a pleasure getting to know you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


  1. She is so pretty, the red lipstick looks great on her! I will check out her site:)

    1. Thank you sweety, I am sure she would love that. :)

    2. Thank you! What a lovely thing to say xx


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