June 29, 2012

Feature Friday: Soff's Blog

One more week has gone by, and I am writing a new Feature Friday post. I am seriously having the time of my life and I am glad I started Feature Friday. It gives me such a great opportunity to get to know you all. It is not just a spotlight post, but really getting information about the people behind blogs. 
This week I am featuring the beautiful Sophie of Soffs Blog. She started blogging at the end of May this year, and as I read a new post from her, I can't help but think that with time she will have an amazing collection of posts. She writes about fashion trends, music and various things she finds online. I found her post on Color block quite interesting (I am such a sucker when it comes to bright, interesting colors). I also loved the pretty items in her holiday edition of Going somewhere nice. The Club Tropicana outfits are so cute, they make me want to head to the beach right away. Get to know Sophie by reading what she told me.
Feature Friday: Soffs Blog
Name: Sophie

Blog Name: Soffs Blog

Where we can find you: I'm a tweetaholic, so you can follow me on twitter or bloglovin if you prefer. 

What we can find on your blog: 
My blog is divided up into different posts - I have 'Music Mondays' every, er, Monday, which are dedicated to new music or just songs/artists that I really like; 'Online Finds' where I scour the internet in search for cute clothes and accessories; 'Boutique of the Week' where I nominate my favourite online boutique of the week and usually post my favourite pieces; then 'Fashion Fridays' where I pick out clothes according to a certain theme, usually inspired by a particular trend or occasion.

Future plans regarding your blog: 
My blog is still very new at the moment, so the main focus for me right now is getting publicised and letting people know what it's all about! The dream for me would be to write professionally, so hopefully will still be blogging throughout college and university until I (hopefully) get there! I would love to collaborate with other bloggers and attend some more events, but right now it's all very new and exciting - so I guess I'll see how it goes.

Some Interesting things about you: 
1. I'd love to say I've moved from abroad and am currently living in a busy city... but the truth is I live in a sleepy village in the countryside in Somerset! Hardly the glamourous life of a blogger - I do hope to move away and travel in the future though.
2. I'm applying to study English at Oxford. I can't see myself getting accepted at all - but I'll never know if I don't try!
3. The absolute dream for me would be to write for a magazine - becoming the next editor of Elle would do nicely, haha. But no, I get ridiculously excited when I get anything published and at the fact that people read my blog posts - having people read something you've put time and thought into really is rewarding, so I would love to write for a living.
4. I currently have a life-size cardboard cutout of Dumbledore who lives in my bedroom, staring at me. Random, but true.

If you love fashion like Sophie and I, and would like a new blog to check out with updates on trends and online finds, go check out her blog.

{Thank you Sophie, you are such a cutie. It was great getting to know some facts about you and seeing who is really behind Soffs Blog. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


  1. Great post! Hope to see more :)


  2. love her Boutique of the week segment! it's always fun discovering new online stores and ways to waste your money haha :P


    1. haha. Yea, such a quick way to find new stores.


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