June 28, 2012

The Pink Panther

Sorry this isn't an outfit of the day, it is more like an outfit of a couple of weeks ago when it was warm and sunny. Sadly now it has been raining every day. And has been very discouraging to take outfit photos, so I thought I'd post this one instead because I quite like it plus I haven't done an outfit post in forever. It is quite sunny today though, but not as warm as I would like. 
These photos were taken when hubby and I went to Jurmala for a walk and to watch the sunset on the beach. It was so amazing. My hair is pretty much messy in the photos, but oh well, we all have our days I guess. And we took my lovely Candy along as always. She was also dressed in pink. She wore a pink vest that said hugs & kisses (though you can't really see it in the picture) and a pink bow. She was just the cutest and got loads of compliments from everyone.
My outfit pretty much looks like a dress, and it may be hard to believe but the top and skirt were gotten from two different parts of the world, and together they made this lovely outfit. 
The Pink Panther
Outfit details:
Bolero - New Yorker
Top - Gift
Skirt - New look
Shoes - Thrifted
How to wear a pink skirt
Pink and black combination

What do you think of this outfit? Let me know your thoughts.


  1. What a gorgeous dress! I love that shade of pink :] You look so pretty and sophisitcated in that outfit!

    Kirstie x

    1. Thank you lovely, it is a skirt and a vest <3

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  3. I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Congrats! Please check it out on my blog :) x

  4. Superrrrr cute!!! I love black and pink combo! And that puppy is so adorable!! I want a yorkie so badly!! haha

    -Lil Miss Latina

    1. Thanks lovely, I know. You will be sure to see more of her in my posts. I'm sure you will get one soon hun. x

  5. so cute! cant believe this isnt a dress haha.. I'm addicted to bows, and bags. where's the bag? ;)

    1. Thanks hunni. I know right. I was amazed myself at how the colors matched. haha, the bag is nearby, had a dog carrier with me instead of a bag that day. x


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