July 6, 2012

Feature Friday: Little Latina Fashionista

Presenting.... A new feature on Cherryfashion. This week I am featuring the gorgeous Arantxa of Little Latina Fashionista. She has gorgeous taste and an amazing blog. I loved her outfit in post Neon Love. I think she looks great in her hat, and the colors are so cute. She blogs about fashion and beauty. She also recently started a group for College Fashion Bloggers on Facebook where young fashionista like her can get together. I think she is an absolute doll, here is what she told me about herself.
Name: Arantxa Rodriguez

Blog name: Little Latina Fashionista

Where we can find you: Twitter
                                                         Instagram: littlemisslatina
                                                         Youtube: PopPrincessNeko

What your blog is about: 
I love all thing fierce, fashionable, and fabulous! My blog definitely attests to that. My blog is all about the wonderful world we call Fashion, as well as, documenting the amazing world we live in and my adventures while I have the honor of inhabiting it. My blog posts usually include outfit of the day posts, lifestyle posts, haul posts, and a little peak into my "oh so interesting" life. :)

What inspired you to start blogging:
I first started blogging on my 19th birthday. However, the blog was not a fashion blog. It was more of a diary for my final year of being a teen. (I was ridiculously upset about turning 20!) From there my love of blogging grew! I decided to dedicate an entire blog to one of my passions- Fashion! And I haven't looked back. :)

Some interesting things about you:
Along with my passion for fashion, I am also intrigued by Public Relations. So much so that I started a PR blog! My dream is to work in Fashion PR, and, by George, I'm gonna do it! :)

If you would like to see different outfit ideas and some beauty tips, you definitely have to visit her blog.

{Thank you Arantxa, you are lovely and your style is so cute. It's a pleasure knowing you better. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


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    1. Me too. I think they are gorgeous and so in right now with all the neon hype. x


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