August 6, 2012

Sponsor in August

Sponsor in August
\We are now heading towards the end of summer and everyone is returning from their vacations (although I haven't gone on mine, haha). I thought I would do a call for August sponsors, so you are aware. This blog is constantly expanding and getting more daily views and followers. The money which I receive from your ads will be used to advertise this blog on other different internet sources, which helps drive traffic to this blog and your ads. 
You can choose different options for a sidebar advertisement-

X-Large ad space

Top spot for 30 days
Appears above all other ads
Optional personal spotlight/giveaway

Large ad space
Appears below the X-Large ad
Rotates on each page load for maximum exposure
Optional group spotlight/giveaway

Medium ad space
Appears below large ads
Rotates on each page load for maximum exposure
Twitter/ Facebook love

Small ad space
Appears below paid ads
Rotates on each page load for maximum exposure
Occasional Twitter/Facebook love
Free with button swap

Use the code "CF50" when purchasing to get 50% off on your ad. This means that the largest ad is for as low as $7.50.

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