September 24, 2012

Autumn/Winter Outfits #PassionforFashion

The lovely people over at Money Supermarket are hosting a competition in which all bloggers can take part. It is called Passion for Fashion. I was contacted by them and asked if I would like to enter. Since I have never done this before I thought I would give it a go. The aim of the competition is to put together  5 outfits for 5 different occasions (Office wear, Party, Outdoor, Casual and First date). All the outfits should be under £200.
I finally had some time last night and thought I'd do it even if it's the last day of submission. So here are my outfits for the different occasions.
Office wear, passion for fashion, peplum dress
Dress - Dorothy Perkins Bag - Topshop Shoes - Tribeca Shoes Necklace - Dorothy Perkins Watch - Asos Lipstick - Asos Coat - Asos

For the Office wear, I decided I would go for a total business outfit therefore I picked the colors beige and black. The dress is stylish yet professional with a high neckline and appropriate length. All the items chosen can be worn not just to the office, they can be mixed with other items to give other looks.
Casual. how to style disco pants, oversized jumper
Jumper - Topshop Disco pants - Glamorous Shoes - tribeca Bag - Asos Bracelet - Topshop Necklace - Topshop 
The casual outfit is suitable for hanging out with friends in the evening or on the weekends. IT doesn't matter where you are going, this outfit will look great. The outfit is really simple with mostly black pieces and a red over-sized jumper to give it some color and make the outfit more stylish. Disco pants are trending A/W 12 and would look amazing with this jumper. I picked a statement necklace and bracelet for this outfit because in my opinion, if an outfit is really simple, add statement jewelry and it would become entirely different.
Party outfit, teal dress
Dress - Asos Shoes - Soyoushoes Clutch - Asos Ring - Topshop
Christmas and New Year falls under A/W, and for me this is a big deal. I like to dress up and look extra nice. There is this saying - "The way you meet the New Year is how you will spend it". So I decided to go with this lovely teal jeweled bustier dress. I think if you meet the New Year in this, you will definitely have an amazing year ahead.
Outdoor outfit, colorful leggings, how to wear colorful leggings
Jacket - Topshop Vest - Topshop Jumper - Dorothy Perkins Leggings - H&M Boots - Tribeca Shoes Scarf - H&M Bag - Asos
For the outdoor outfit I wanted a warm but at the same time trendy outfit with some edge. I also wanted it to not be the usual black or dark colors everyone wears in the Autumn and Winter, therefore I decided to go with colorful leggings, some white items, a plum bag and a green scarf because the green compliments the white and purple as well as keeps you warm. I believe that having 3-4 different thinner items on top of each other is much warmer than having just 1 item. The layered items will keep you warm if you have to spend a lot of time outdoors.
First date, colorblock

Blazer - Topshop Top - Asos Necklace - Topshop Jeans - Asos Bag - Topshop Shoes - Soyoushoes

Every man wants a beautiful woman by his side, this inspired me to go for a colorblock outfit. I think on a first date, it is important to show the opposite side that you can be fun/playful yet matured, stylish and sophisticated. Therefore, I decided to skip low neck lines and showing a lot of skin and go for this outfit. The outfit is picked so you are ready for the unexpected. If he decides to take a walk, you don't freeze and your legs don't fall off half way through.

What do you think of these outfits? Which would you wear and which is your favorite?


  1. I love the Casual and Office outfits. Peplum dresses are so flattering.

    Love Neeny x

    Please check out my latest outfit blog post x

    1. Thank you hunni. I will do that in a moment. x

  2. Great collages! My favourites will be office, casual and first date :)

  3. my favorites the first date one :)

    love the post, please come visit me at my blog? I'm new and would appreciate some support :)


    1. Thanks hun. I will definitely check you out in a minute. x

  4. My favourite is your first date outfit - I've seen a few people entries and I think you are the only one I've seen put trousers which I like, as it is getting cold out there!

    I was more obvious and went for the dress - - - I'd love it if you wanted to check out mine?

  5. Nice selection!

  6. Lovely pieces!!! kisses


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