October 22, 2012

Exclusive Jewelry from JUWL Boutique

       Today my lovely readers, I am presenting to you a store you have never seen but will love once you see it. The store is called "JUWL Boutique" and is run by my lovely friend Julie. She makes amazing bracelets and earrings from precious and semi-precious stones. They are all handmade and as you know every stone is different in its own way, therefore each bracelet is unique. Even if there are 2 bracelets made of the same stones, they will still be different as each stone varies slightly in color, texture and shape.
       If you remember my post The Wedding by the Seaside, I wore a white bracelet which was marked as courtesy of the bride. That bracelet is made of white sponge coral beads. Julie has officially opened an etsy store where you can all buy some beautiful exclusive jewelry.
Her bracelets are made of different stones such as:
   - Green Malachite
   - White sponge coral
   - Lilac agate
   - Sand stone
   - Indian agate
and so many others so if you like unique jewelry, go check out her store and Facebook page.
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If you like these bracelets and would like to buy one, visit JUWL Boutique.
Like JUWL Boutique on Facebook.

What do you think of these bracelets?
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  1. They are lovely! I love natural stones!

  2. These are gorgeous and I love how each one will be unique :) xx

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    1. Yes, that is the best part of it. No stone is identical, so in any way you will be the only one with such a bracelet. :) x


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