October 1, 2012

Get the Look: Ashley Benson in mint and black

Get the look Ashley Benson, Ashley Benson, Hannah Marin, Hannah Marin in Mint and Black
Mint Ruffle Top - $17 Black Skirt - $4.85 Blazer - $55 Shoes - $47 Bag - $45 Necklace - $19.40 Earrings - $14.54
Everyone who loves fashion has most likely seen the TV series Pretty Little Liars. Well, I love it and I though it would be great to do a get the look on Hannah Marin's outfit this time. Ashley Benson who is actually known as Hannah Marin in the TV series has definitely got style. I would describe her style as trendy and girly. She loves colors and uses a lot of blues because it compliments her hair color and looks absolutely amazing on her.
I don't actually have a favorite in the PLL characters  but I do like Hannah a lot. She always has amazing outfits and I like the role she plays. I think she and Caleb look absolutely adorable together.
I picked out this look and have chosen items which you can use to recreate it but at a much lower cost. The total cost of the items I picked out is approximately $202.79. The outfit looks sophisticated and at the same time not very official due to the black mini skirt. I think it is great and would totally wear this type of outfit myself.

Do you like Pretty Little Liars? What do you think about Hannah's outfit?


  1. I really like PLL. It's a guilty pleasure :)

  2. Just came across your blog! Followed you. I love it! Love PLL too good! :)

  3. Looks accurate to me! Well done! :)


    1. Thanks gorgeous. And for a fraction of the price. :) x


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