November 23, 2012

Feature Friday: A is for Ayla

       Hello my lovelies, I know we all like meeting new amazing people with similar interest so I am bringing you another week of Feature Friday. This week, I am featuring the gorgeous Rachael of A is for Ayla. She posts on both beauty and fashion. She has reviews like Natural Collection Lipstick in Autumn Sunset, inspiration posts like Nothing Burns Like the Cold and beauty posts such as Fave 5: Haircare/ Haircare Routine. Her hair is so lovely. It is long, shiny and looks amazing. Don't we all wish we had gorgeous hair?
       Anyway, Rachael has told me a little about herself and her blog. So grab a cuppa and a chocolate bar and get to know her. Check out her blog and don't forget to say hi.

Name: Rachael

Blog Name: A Is For Ayla

Where we can find you (links):  Twitter

Tell me about your blog:
A Is For Ayla was first created back in May 2011 and features a happy mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. My blog was originally targeted at those who wanted beauty on a budget, as I was 13 at the time I didn't have much money to fuel my makeup obsession and so It was something I was really passionate blogging about. As my blog has progressed I moved more towards fashion and lifestyle while still maintaining my love for cosmetics, only now I post about a wide range of products.

What inspired you to start your blog:
I randomly stumbled across a fashion blog a couple of years ago (that unfortunately no longer exists), from that I discovered beauty blogs. I loved the idea of having your own piece on the web and your own place is the beauty community. A Is For Ayla was formed just a couple of months later.

The impact of blogging on your life:
Other than increased fitness due to lugging around my purse everywhere and the slalem through the shop floor I'd say I've learnt to be a better communicator. Where before I was incredibly shy and socially awkward, I feel like I can speak to anyone - on the web or in my school!

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
I guess in the future I'd love to have blogging as equally close to my heart as it is now. As I get older I know finding the time to blog will be much harder. I hope I'll always find the time to produce posts and chat with my followers after all, they are one of my favourite aspects of being a part of the beauty community.

What are your favorite products/stores:
I'd say beauty wise I love Soap & Glory, No7, Sleek and L'occitane. Although fashion isn't featured too often on my blog, my favourite stores and brands include Forever 21, Topshop and Ted Baker.

Some Interesting things about you:
- I come from Yorkshire which traditionally is not the most style concious county, Barbours and Hunters day in day out, awful!
- I was a teeny weeny 13 when I started my blog, so strange when I think about it now!
- I'm currently learning 8 langauges, 3 of which I'm fluent in, I love it when people leave me blog comments in their native!

If you would like to see some interesting posts, visit A is for Ayla.

{Thank you Rachael for letting me get to know you. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}

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