November 9, 2012

Feature Friday: ItsSimplyBeauty

      Another week has gone by and it is time for another Feature Friday post. This week, my lovely feature is the sweet Tash from ItsSimplyBeauty. She is gorgeous and helpful if you need something. 
        She is such a lovely blogger who has a lot of interesting beauty and fashion posts. From product reviews to tags like Why do you wear make-up? You can also find out How to clean your brushes on her blog. As you see, so many wonderful posts I will not name them all. Stop by her page and see for yourself. Get to know Tash, a little about her blog and her views on blogging as you read further.

Feature Friday: ItsSimplyBeauty

Name: Natasha but I like to be called Tash

Blog Name: itssimplybeauty

Where we can find you (links): Youtube

Tell me about your blog:
My blog is basically a place where I can express my feelings and passion for beauty and fashion. I post about beauty items that i am loving, write reviews. Do tag post, outfit posts you name it, it will be on my blog. I love writing a blog, I find it amazing and I'm so glad I started writing my own one. I find being a blogger it opens so many doors you see whats the most raved about product to hit stores, whats happening in your favourite bloggers lives, I could express my love for blogging any more. Its like an online diary that everyone can read daily. You can create a good bond with other bloggers too so it's great. I can't see my life with no blog.

What inspired you to start your blog:
Way too many but it would have to be zoella, she is an amazing blogger I always used to read hers and others but hers stood out the most to me

The impact of blogging on your life:
Its allowed me to be more confident in myself and the way I talk about things, I used to be shy and could never explain things properly but I find that blogging you can be you and people like you for you and it helps you come out your shell a lot more and it has helped me be more confident in myself

Ideas/plans regarding your blog:
Planning on doing a give away when I reach 500 followers, do more outfit posts/get look posts and make up posts but I'm always open to requests

What are your favorite products/stores:
I pretty much like everywhere don't really have a favourite I'm not fussy :)

Some Interesting things about you:
I'm really shy, crazy about make-up and beauty items. Love buying clothes all the time. I'm pretty much your normal girly girl who loves blogging and youtubing every chance she gets :)
I'm rubbish at spelling and a tad crazy (in a good way)

If you would like to see more interesting beauty and fashion posts, visit ItsSimplyBeauty.

{Thank you Tash for letting me get to know you better. If you would like to be featured, please click here for more details.}


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