November 12, 2012

Makeup counters

    A while ago, I went in to Kolonna in Riga Plaza to get my usual foundation and the lovely sales representative who asked to help me advised me to get the L'Oreal mineral powder instead as it gives the same result but is much lighter than the foundation.
      Looking at the colour of the mineral powder she was offering, I wasn't sure that was the shade I needed, plus I had the opinion that it was harder to apply. She noticed my reluctance and offered to do my makeup with this product so I see how it looks and then I can decide if I want it or not. Since I knew hubby was still working and wasn't in a rush, I agreed.
        She took off my makeup and then gave me a bio cream to put on. It felt absolutely amazing. Once my face was clean and moisturized, she began applying the mineral powder. To my surprise, it came out great. The shade was just what I needed and I was pretty impressed.
       She looked at me and offered to do the rest of my make-up as my face looked plain with just mineral powder foundation.
        She did my eye brows with the "Christian Brow Kit in Irid Brown", my eyes with gold and green eye shadow with a thin line of eye liner, eyelashes with black mascara and my lips in a brownish shade of Dior Lipstick. (Unfortunately, I couldn't get a normal picture of the look and therefore have not included it).
       Prior to this, I have never had my brows filled with a kit before, so when I was finally allowed to look at myself, I was like "WOW". At first, I though it looked a bit strange because it was very different to what I was used to. Then I got used to it and decided it looked absolutely amazing and I was super impressed with the outcome.
       The sales representative was so nice to tell me about all the products she used and was very pleasant the whole time. 
      I will slowly be purchasing some of the products she told me about. So excited!
        For my first time at a make-up counter, I am really impressed by the  service I received at the make-up counter. You can sign up to get your make-up done at kolonna either for 5LVL or for free if you are making a purchase.

How would you rate the service you have received at a make-up counter?


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    Hilary Lambert

  2. I have only had that experience at a Body Shop. The girl was really lovely and explained all so well, making me feel very comfortable to ask for advice. I ended up buying most of the things she advised me on and I am sure much was because she had been so helpful!

    p.s. the only reason why I only had that experience once is just because I don't usually go to counters or buy make up like that. Usually, I know what I want and either order it online or get there, pick it up and go pay for it.

    1. Exactly. Me too! I am planning to slowly get most of the products she told me about. Some not, because of the price. My plan was also to go in and out, but ended up getting such a fab evening. You should try out one when purchasing if they have it as a free service. :) x


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