November 7, 2012

MUA Lusting

       There are a lot of reviews and people out there using MUA products. I am not one of them. Firstly, because it is not sold here in Latvia. Secondly, because I am always skeptical about ordering makeup online without trying out how it looks on me. Yes, MUA is a very affordable brand, but when you add up all the items + shipping it just sums up. And I'd hate to waste a sum on items I don't like in the end when I can get 1 proper item I know I like and fits me.
        Anyway, lately I have been lusting over a few products from the MUA online store and after the #bbloggers chat, I got a few tips on what tones of the items would probably look good. Of course, this is not for sure because everyone has a little bit different complexion and different colors fit different people, but I am thinking of taking the chance. 
        I am sure after the chat quite a number of you were tempted to go buy yourself some makeup, and the rest of you just added some more items to your Christmas wishlist. Bet someone's bank account is screaming really loud. 
        Well mine was screaming all night and then all day so I decided before I go nuts and buy the entire store, I should make a wishlist of the items I would really like to try out.
via MUA Store
1. Lip Boom{Doin Good} 2. Love Hearts Lip Balm{Great Lips and Hot Lips} 3. Eye Primer 4. Blush Perfection Cream Blush{Yummy} 5. Nail Constellation{Pisces} 6. Lipstick{Shade 6, 16 & 7}

What do you think of my list? Any suggestions on what to buy?


  1. I ordered a few MUA products recently. I actually like to buy makeup online, because we have such limited options here in Latvia!
    None of the products were disappointing, so I'd say go for it. It's better if you read some product reviews first so you can decide if it'll work for you. I highly recommend their eyeshadow palettes, especially the Undressed!

    1. Thanks! I totally agree about having limited options in Latvia. I already did that, going to order soon. Everyone seems to like that palette. x


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