December 21, 2012

Christmas Gift Guide: Fashionista

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If my previous Christmas Gift Guide didn't help you in choosing a gift, here is another one which might. If you still haven't gotten all the Christmas presents you need, you still have the weekend so no need to panic yet. Here is my selection for someone who loves fashion.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. If I had seen it earlier I would have bought it, but yea unfortunately I didn't but might buy it in the new year. The dress is a good length so you can wear it when going out with your bf/husband's parent, to your Christmas party at the office and so many more places. The color is great and the embellishment at the top is what does it for me, it looks so beautiful.

This is  cute bracelet, again I want one of these. The colors of the bracelet will look great basically on anyone. I love friendship bracelets and I think it would be great to give them to your friends. Giving it to your girl can signify that you aren't just lovers, you are friends as well. And that is the best type of love to have.

Now this is one lovely cardigan. It is gorgeous! And when I say gorgeous I mean the type that makes girls squeal... This cardigan will give any outfit the glamour you never imagined. I wish someone would include this in my present because imagine you are wearing jeans and a black blouse...With this on top, it would just look only about 100 times better. I love love love it and I am sure it isn't just me. Is it?

Statement necklaces... The very trendy accessory of 2012. I personally believe that this trend will stretch out to 2013 and as such any statement necklace will be a great present for your fashionista girl. This one I found looks gorgeous and will go wit most outfits.

The collar trend is still holding strong. This blouse is simple, yet stylish and I think it would look great with a blazer on top. During the summer, it can be worn with a black pleated skirt, shorts, coloured jeans and many other options.

Spikes/ Studs have hit the fashion world hard. Everyone is buying items in studs... Boots, Shoes, Cardigans, Bags, Clutches you name it. It is available studded! I personally recently studded my boots {picture available on my instagram: sunshinenia} and they look awesome!

Turquoise is one color that is so beautiful. It has this colourful but calm feel to it. The ring I have picked out is lovely and it looks great. Different shades of turquoise can be mixed with either silver or gold. This one is mixed with silver. I like the silver is not shiny, it makes it look much better.

Lace items are also one of those trendy items this season. Here is a knitted long sleeve lace top which would look lovely this winter season.

This is a set of rings which can be worn either all together or separated if you would like to wear them separately. These rings are in gold and would go with any outfit, just as long as you pick the right other accessories.

A stretchy bracelet. These are great for stocking fillers and would look great. Basically any jewelry would be great as a gift for a fashionista. We all like to look gorgeous.

We are having our work Christmas party later tonight so I am going to be partying till midnight and after that, I leave to Germany tomorrow. I cannot wait to see my little nephew and just have some time to myself.

I hope you all have a fab Christmas my lovelies, with all the presents you are wishing for.
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