December 2, 2012

November Instagram Diary

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♥ Brother playing pool ♥ Brother leaving back to Finland ♥ Surprise Lady Gaga perfume ♥ Straight hair and office shirt ♥ NOTD Orly cottoncandy ♥ H&M SS13 Preview ♥ Group giveaway hosted by Nykki ♥ Coral and Green kind of day  ♥ Lots of fog in Latvia ♥ Plants covered in snow ♥ Making a face just because it is the end of Movember 

       November started off really fun. I took some days off work because my brother was visiting. I was really excited as I hadn't seen him for over half a year. We had some fun times - talking, playing billiard, hanging out with friends and more. 
     Then came the day he had to leave... :( I dropped him off at the bus station before work and as I watched the bus get ready to leave, I promised myself not to cry. {I am a sucker for goodbyes}. And the only things that came to my head at that moment were song lyrics like "This isn't goodbye, even as I watch you leave, this isn't goodbye, I swear I won't cry. Even as tears fill my eyes, I swear I won't cry" or "Goodbye my brother, goodbye my friend". So yea, I left and went to the car and then came the waterfall. Ugh, my makeup was screaming no, but everything inside me was just yelling yes in return. Anyway, before the end of that day, I was fine once again. :)
     After the bus station, I came to work to find this lovely surprise which was delivered for me. I was invited to the event which I couldn't go for because I had to work and I was bummed about it. But this surprise made it all better. I love this perfume.
       I ran out of hair products which I use and aren't sold in Latvia so I had to straighten my hair, and I had an important meeting so I was in an office shirt. I think I look pretty good.
      I finally did my manicure after a long time with the Orly Cotton Candy nail polish {I love pink}.
       I was at the H&M SS13 Preview event after work and uploaded a quick preview. I later did a full post here.
    Nykki of Nykki talks Beauty invited me to be a part of the group giveaway she is hosting and I thought it would be a lot of fun. You can enter the giveaway here.
      Still with straightened hair, waiting impatiently for my parcel to arrive with my hair products. It was just a colorful coral and green kind of day. Both items which can be seen in the photo are from H&M.
       I looked out my office window at some point in the morning and that is all I could see. There are actually a lot more things which the fog is covering.
       It snowed for only the 2nd time this year. It was actually lovely. The plants, the trees, everything was covered in white. 
       Last day of November was great. It was payday, we had sushi and I just thought it appropriate that I did the mustache since I didn't even wear any of my mustache items all Movember.

       So that is how the month went by. Everything is still covered in snow right now and I have now moved on to my winter coat so I am warm and comfy.
     I hope you all had a lovely November. Looking forward to how this month will be. I am very excited for Christmas and New Years, but then again, I think we all are. 

Have a lovely December my darlings.

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