January 8, 2013

This year, I promise myself to...

       Once again Happy New Year to all the gorgeous people reading this. Today is the 8th day of what I would like to call a new journey or a new book. You have 357 more days before which you would actually have to say if this journey was awesome or just good. Since we all work hard towards achieving certain things, it would be nice to say it was super-duper extra awesome.
       This year I have made quite a few New Year Resolutions which I am hoping to achieve. I know a lot of people may say you'd forget these resolutions by the 2nd month, but no. I plan to stick to them.
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1. Drink more water
Water is really good for the body and for the skin. I try to drink as much as I can but when it is cold I don't like it. I need to drink about 2 liters minimum.

2. Visit the gym more often
I visit the gym as often as I can but I think it would be great if I can go about twice a week without missing it. I am fit as it is, I just like to visit the gym to look even better than I do. I usually run on the treadmill, do some exercise for my hands and legs and work on my abs.

3. Worry less about little things
Sometimes I tend to get stressed over little things. But that never has a good effect on the body, therefore, this year I plan to stress less especially about the little things which in the end are probably not worth it.

4. Make my blog better
I have been blogging for a while now and I have made quite a few changes as time went by. With time you get more knowledge and get better at doing things, so you improve on it. This year I will continue to work on my blog and making it better.

5. Make more youtube videos
I have made my first youtube video and it didn't quite come out as I wanted it to. I am still really shy about talking on the camera and I think my voice sounds very different but now that I have a new webcam which is of really good quality, I look forward to making more youtube videos.

6. Save as much money as I can
I usually spend a lot of beauty products and clothes, but this year I want to save more and spend less  on items that I don't really need. I want to put my needs first this year and save on the items that I want.

What are your plans for 2013?
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  1. Happy New Year Nia and thanks for hosting the blog hop. I stopped making resolutions years ago, but there are things that I will focus on changing. Good luck with your resolutions and have a fantabulous day!

    1. Thank you. Happy New Year! I know a lot of people have stopped making resolutions. Actually I prefer to just call them personal goals. Best of luck on everything you focus on darling. x

  2. Great New Years Resolutions! I have also decided to gym more often, make Fridays "my day", learn to sew and try to be more positive and complain less!! Always tough to stick to resolutions but always good to have as a guideline! Good luck with all of your resolutions! XX

    1. Thank you lovely. Your goals sounds great, best of luck in sticking to them. :) x


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