January 21, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

       It is soon going to be that time of the year when everything is red and white and pink all over; in the shape of hearts and flowers. I know this may not be the favourite time of the year for some people. But for all the couples out there, it is pretty special. The memories of all the romance and how special you were made to feel holds on for a very long time. I still remember how we spent Valentine's days in Secondary school so you can imagine. Good memories always last a long time. It is always very special when it is the first Valentine's together with your other half.
       I personally adore Valentine's day and I am really looking forward to it this year{Hmmm, I wonder what hubby has planned}.
       If you haven't yet decided what to get your lovely lady or where to take her, here are a few things which could help.

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Roses are red, violets are blue... Nothing says I love you, like a dozen or two.

Beauty Products
A lot of ladies love beauty products and deserve some pampering once in a while. A good high end beauty product will definitely make her happy. It could be nail polish, lipstick, some bath bomb or something else. I like the idea of the bath bomb as you can have an amazing bath together. So here is how it goes.... rose petals around the bath tub and a bit on the floor, a bath bomb in the tub and champagne for you and your princess.

All ladies like to look gorgeous not just in clothes but in what is under as well. And nothing screams sexy and luxury like good lingerie. Buy one you like, she will like it too. Just make sure you know what size she is so it fits perfectly.

Lot and lots of chocolate. Have you ever heard of a Valentine's day without chocolate?! I haven't. Get her favourite chocolate as well as other types. I think assorted sets may suit the occasion as you get to try many different types. Close your eyes when eating it, it tastes so much better.

We all love to smell nice. Know a perfume your girl is lusting over? Get it for her. Every time she uses it, she will think about you.

Sleeping mask
Get a lovely/ funny sleeping mask. We like to wear them sometimes.

Now this is a total most. Nothing says I love you like red roses. Unless she is allergic to them, then don't. You don't want her feeling bad on Valentine's day. You can also decorate the bed with rose petals. That is always super sweet.

I don't know about your girl, but even at my age, I still adore soft toys. A teddy with and "I Love You" sign would definitely make me awwww. So if she is anything like me, she would definitely appreciate the teddy.

Jewelry is a sign. More expensive jewelry like gold or silver will give the impression that you are serious about her. Fashion jewelry will give the impression that you just want to have fun. Keep that in mind when selecting.

Romantic break
Tired of all the usual? You don't live alone in your apartment/ house? Why not take her out to dinner somewhere fancy and then head off to a hotel for a little break. You can spend some time in the jacuzi and have some alone time, get a massage and have a lot of fun. She is your princess and deserves to be treated as one.

I hope that you can pick up some of the tips or get some inspiration and have a fabulous time on Valentine's day.

Have a great time making plans.
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