March 3, 2013

February Instagram Diary

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♥ On Fridays I rock red ♥ Sample of the new Lacoste perfume ♥ No makeup and rollers ♥ Just a FOTD ♥ Best cake I had beginning of Feb ♥ Sequin headband c/o Hettie Hair Accessories ♥ Headband Giveaway collaboration with Hettie Hair Accessories ♥ Arkadia Hotel ♥ Dessert at lunch in Arkadia ♥ Louboutin nails ♥ Neon clutch ♥ Spending money ♥ My Rarelondon order ♥ Remembered my old favourites ♥ I'm on keek - 'sunshinenia'  Flowers on Valentine's Day ♥ Rocking my sequin headband ♥ After gym shakes ♥ Combination for Spring/ Summer ♥ Birthday flowers and present from colleagues ♥ Best surprise flowers from my brother ♥ Birthday girl ♥ Makeup shopping on my birthday ♥ Late birthday lunch with my boss and coworker ♥ lemon cheese cake, isit? ♥ Chocolate fondue 

Yay! I'm back once again to show you what I was up to last month. I started off the month wearing red lipstick and it looked fab! I also got a sample of the new lacoste perfume which smells absolutely amazing, I think I need it in a normal sized bottle. I have almost used up the entire sample. After I think over a year, I decided to try to do my hair with rollers. This didn't come out as well because it was taking forever to dry and I had to take them out and go out. 
Last month I also got this gorgeous sequin headband which I love so much. I think I will wear it a lot during summer. My giveaway just ended and the winner was the lovely Catriona from South Africa. Congratulations once again darling. 

We had a kick off weekend at work and stayed at the Arkadia hotel so I took a few shots of the view from my window and dessert. Found these louboutin nails and I think they look absolutely great. Need to try it out myself. I am excited for summer, I need a neon clutch and lots of other items. 
My rarelondon order arrived just in time for me to wear the skirt on my birthday. I can't believe I do not have lots of pictures. I make short videos on keek whenever I have the time. It may be fotd, ootd or just life. Join me over there. I came home on Valentine's Day to the lovliest roses from hubby. I also got some flowers and presents from work colleagues on my birthday. 
The biggest surprise I have had ever was my brother ordering roses to me at work on my birthday. Thank you so much if you are reading this, you have no idea how much it meant to me. After work on my birthday I quickly went shopping with my friend and got a few things. I will be reviewing them. My work colleagues gave me everything I need to make chocolate fondue as a birthday present. So hubby and I sat down the weekend after my birthday and indulged ourselves in a chocolate stream.

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  1. your eyebrows are incredible!! The shape is perfect! x

  2. Hey dear! You have great blog! and i'm visiting finally my lovely Riga in one week!
    Check my blog and let me know if you are interesting to follow each others blogs.. Maybe...
    Kisses :)


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