March 25, 2013

The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop {5}

Hello my gorgeous readers and welcome back from the weekend. I had a great weekend. On Saturday my best friend and I went to the salon to get my hair straightened. I will be posting about that sometime soon after I wash my hair so I can tell you how well it worked out. After that we had some well deserved sushi for dinner and then I went home to spend the evening with hubby. On Sunday, I spent the entire day working on my report and I am glad to say I am basically done. All that is left is for me to write up and introduction and a conclusion. So I am very excited. :)
I hope you also had a great weekend. I would love to know what you did. This week for our hop I thought I would change it up a bit and have CATS! They are, furry cute and I love them so much. I mean who doesn't?! (well,unless you are allergic) Animals are such great anti-depressants that even when you are having the most awful day ever and you see a cats glance on you with that little meow, it just makes everything a million times better.
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Have a fab week everyone!


  1. Just linked up Nia! Have a lovely week dear :)

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  2. So happy to hear that you are nearly done with your report :) xx

  3. Participating with pleasure ;) Thanks for this post dear :*


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