April 24, 2013

Best sales to shop {Part 1}

Hello darlings! I hope you are doing well today and it is sunny where you are. Summer is getting closer and we all want to look lovely which means shopping for a lot of us. So today I was thinking it would be great to have a place where you can find out about all the different amazing sales currently available. We all like to have lots of nice things but most of us have a tight budget therefore we love to shop sales in order to save a penny here and there. So I decided to make a series of posts on all the best sales to shop for trendy summer items.

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I am starting off these series of posts with a store which I like a lot and a while back made my first purchase. I know a lot of people from the UK might be like "what?! Just your first purchase?!" and my answer is yes. Living in Latvia, I like to always consider how much international shipping costs before looking at the things I like so I don't get disappointed.

Rare London is a UK based store which offers on trend pieces and has quite a number of items in their sale at the moment. From casual blouses, blazers or dresses to party items available at very affordable prices. This sale has been on for a while now and every once in a while I find new pieces being added which always makes me check back for items I might like.

I would really love to know what you think about my idea. I do hope you find some amazing items for yourself like I did. If you like this idea and want to see more posts like this, let me know and check back for other amazing sales which I will be letting you know about.

Have fun shopping and saving!


  1. great sale items! I live in the UK and love asos market place but unfortunately most of the shoes I want come from china or hong kong and cost a fortune for delivery :(( xx

  2. That's a very good idea for a blog series :)



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