April 15, 2013

The Friendly Bunch Blog Hop {#8}

Hello my darlings. I hope you had a fab weekend. Mine was great as I finally gave in my internship report and got to relax without worrying about a thing. It felt absolutely amazing. Now it's back to work and I just wanted to share something with you as always. I would really love for you all to enter in this hop and also spread the word as a lot of bloggers love finding new blogs to follow. 

This time I decided to share about second chances. Yes, I think it is important to give someone a second chance, but not everyone deserves it as they just end up ruining it like the 1st one. But still, I like to be optimistic and think that just because someone messed up once doesn't always mean that is who he/ she is and will mess up again. So let's be open hearted and give them the benefit of the doubt.
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Don't forget you can enter to win a kindle fire and the buy 2 get 1 free offer on sponsor spots is still available. 

Have a fab week everyone! 


  1. I believe in second chances too.

    Happy Monday darling

  2. Hi,
    I already follow you on blogovin. Looking forward to the blog hop :)

  3. I've recently created my blog and I'm looking for other blogs to follow, until I found out about this blog hop on twitter. :)) I adore your blog! I'm already subscribed. :D

  4. Love the blog :) I'm pretty new to this my blog is still a baby and not yet 1 week old. Can wait for the next post to pop up on Bloglovin



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