May 9, 2013

Best Sales to shop {Part 2}

It' getting warmer by the day, and we are beginning to take off the extra layers we were using to keep warm. Some people are even tanning already which gets a lot of us excited. Right now we are either doing the switch to spring/ summer closet or have already done it. But even if we have done it, we still all love to shop. 

This series of posts is to help my readers shop on a budget. If you are saving the pennies, watch out for these posts as hey will definitely help.

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This week, I chose to share the sale at Daisy Street. I absolutely love the colours of their website. It is professional yet fun which is something I like. Who said professional has to be boring?!

Their sale is great for getting summer shoes as they have some very nice colours and at great prizes. Who wants to get a pair of shoes for £35 if you can get it for £13?! So if you are looking for a new pair, I suggest you stop by.

"A penny saved is a penny gained"

Enter these giveaways:
- Wild Butterfly Boutique Giveaway - 1 item of your choice

Have fun shopping and saving!


  1. Those pink heels are amazing. Wonderful picks.

  2. those heels are absolutely gorgeoussss and what a bargain! xxx

    1. I know! Only thing is it is limited in size.


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