August 7, 2013

Travel diary {Places}: Bright and early in Tallinn

Hello my lovelies! I am back finally and getting into my usual routines. I have missed blogging a lot and I am glad to be back to updating my beloved blog. I have so many posts to share with you and I thought I would start off by sharing my travel adventures. I love sharing pictures of the places I have visited and finding people who have been there or inspiring people to visit that place.

So starting off, we stopped over in Tallinn for a couple of hours and had a swell time even though it was quite cold. We walked from the coach station to the port and then headed over to the Old Town which was so beautiful.

On our way to the Old Town we saw this nautical restaurant which looked so amazing from the outside but unfortunately we did not have time to go in for breakfast.

Admiral Restaurant in Tallinn
Anchor, Admiral Restaurant in Tallinn
Church in Tallinn
Visiting Tallinn
Top: Colloseum   |   Scarf: Colloseum   |   Cardigan: Primark   |   Glasses: Dorothy Perkins
When we got to the Old Town, we found out there was some sort of market or something with people selling a lot of different things and some people dressed traditionally. It was a lot of fun!

Tallinn Old Town
Dressed Traditionally in Tallinn, Visit Tallin, Estonia

Those are a few shots from my time in Tallinn. If you are planning to visit the city here are a few things to remember:
  • Check the temperature online or better yet contact someone who is there to find out what the weather is like.
  • There are no maps available at the bus station therefore use your phone for navigation or skip the roaming bill and print out a map for yourself, or get one from the port terminals.

Let me know if you have visited or would like to.


  1. Beautiful pictures, it looks like you had a great time :)


  2. these photos really make me miss Europe!

  3. You must have felt like at home there. As i see is not that different from the lovely Riga :)
    Pretty pictures darling. :)

    1. Thanks love. And yes, it isn't so much different but then again each place is unique :) x

  4. I never liked Tallin when I still lived in Estonia, but now when I see photos my heart melts and there nothing I would wish more then to be there. Too bad the weather wasn't too kind with you, unfortunately estonian weather has this habit :D We usually say that we don't have summer but 3 month of bad skiing weather :D

    1. I hope you like the pictures and they bring back good memories. I know the weather wasn't great but it is very similar to Latvian weather so I am kinda used to it, and it was still am amazing trip. x

  5. I've been away from my blog as well for a while, and it's fun to finally be back :)

    I love your pictures - I'm glad you had a great time!

    1. Thank you so much darling. Still having a bit of a hard time getting back in my routines but I'll get there soon. x


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