August 17, 2013

Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Instagram hop

Hello lovelies, it's the weekend, Yay!!! I'm going to be studying, editing a video and making some items for my shop today so if you would like something specific, you can tweet me to let me know.

Last week we had this blog hop and I got amazing feedback from you all so I have decided to continue with it. I found some very lovely bloggers last week and I am hoping to find much more today so just follow the rules and link up your profiles.
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So let's place just a few guidelines - 
1. Follow the host on instagram {cherryfashionx}
2. Check out the profiles of the other participants {it would be super nice if you comment & like their photos and follow the ones you like}
3. Add a link to your instagram profile {}
4. I would love for you to share this on twitter/ facebook {hastag: #FBBInstahop}

Join in! We love finding new bloggers to follow. 

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  1. You have got lovely blog. Enjoyed reading the posts and pictures :)


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