August 16, 2013

Review: Catrice Prime & Fine Smoothing Refiner

Hello my darlings, I hope you are all having an amazing Friday. A while before my vacation I found a new brand called Catrice Cosmetics in the drugstore. Catrice is a German brand which is sold in Europe but who knows what is next. They have quite a lot of products ranging from eyeshadow, mascara, nail polish, primers, foundation, lipstick, blush etc.

I decided to try out the brand and got a few things from them. This is one of the items which I got: Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Smoothing Refiner which is an oil-free silicone-based primer. 

For those who do not know what a primer is, it is a product you apply after your moisturizer but before your concealer/ foundation. A primer helps make your pores smaller and fills out wrinkles which makes the perfect smooth start for your foundation.

Catrice Cosmetics Prime and Fine Soothing Refiner Review & Swatches

The product is in a simple glass-like jar with a black lid which closes tightly and prevents it from drying out. The packaging is very classic which I have absolutely no problem with. Classic is good right? The product itself is quite thick, looks pale pink and is visible on the skin when swatched, but when blended it becomes transparent and therefore can be used on any skin tone.

I picked up this product for about 5 euros and I am totally neutral to it. It is said to keep your face matt, but I do not really see it doing that. I like that it makes your pores smaller and makes the foundation look very smooth when applied.

Quick Summary
Likes - Makes pores smaller
Dislikes - Not matt for me, face feels strange
Verdict - Not repurchasing. I will try out something else

Have you tried this product?

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