August 22, 2013

The Follow Them Blog Hop

Hello lovely readers, today I am glad to be co-hosting a blog hop with one of my blogging friends. So the full name of the hop is When life gives you links... follow them.

Now let's try a quick trick: Replace the word life with "Nykki's blog" and read it out loud.

"When Nykki's blog gives you links... follow them."

Sounds pretty funny and pretty good to me. {But maybe the pretty funny part is just me}

Anyway, the point was that Nykki has an amazing blog and great connection with her readers so you will always find lovely bloggers to follow in her hop.

Now all the guidelines for the blog hop are stated below. We love finding new blogs to read and new bloggers to become friends with so feel free to join in.
Blog  Hop

Join {us} in this awesome && fun Blog Hop {that has an incredibly long name}... When life gives you links... Follow Them. Friday Blog Hop. For short; let's call it - the Follow Them. Blog Hop or #Followthembh - We are keeping this one short and simple.
1. Subscribe to the host of this blog hop {first link in the linky}
2. Subscribe to the  co-hosts of this blog hop
3. Check out at least {3} of the links before you && come back next week to start again. 

*NEW! Never miss a blog hop! Sign up for the reminder email && meet new friends every week!

Interested in Co-Hosting in the future? Click Here!

If you'd like for the host && co-hosts to stop by your blog as well, make sure to say hi! :) Feel free to grab the button && share this blog hop with your friends.


  1. I'm giving this a go for the first time in a long time, looking forward to meeting some new bloggers xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. Yay, just added my link! Hi ladies :) x

  3. Hey there :) Now following you :D
    Feel free to come check out my blog to if you like :)


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