September 20, 2013

Feature Friday: Glambeautys

Hello my lovely readers. I hope you all had a great week. It has been so long I did one of these posts and I thought I wouldn't be able to do one till next week but then I got some time. The last time I did this, I changed it up a little and decided to ditch the interviews and just feature a blogger that I love. Well, I am finally back and this time I am going to keep it going.

So this week I wanted to introduce you to a blogger I have quite recently gotten to know and I am really loving her. Her name is Liza of Glambeautys.
Feature Friday: Glambeautys
About the blog & blogger
Liza is an amazing beauty and fashion blogger who also posts occasionally about baby stuff as she has the most adorable little boy ever. I have watched some instagram clips and he makes the cutest and funniest noises while laughing. Liza started off her blog this year and is doing an amazing job sharing lots of new things with her readers. Here are a few posts I found very interesting:

How to highlight and contour, makeup tutorial, The right way to contour
Crownbrush UK, Great brushes, makeup brushes

Doesn't that all look very interesting? I personally love her posts and she now has a youtube channel which is absolutely amazing. She is so comfortable in front of the camera and has lots of interesting tutorials and tips  to share.

She is also very friendly and I am glad I found her on twitter. I am looking forward to many more posts from her. Stop by her blog and channel, say hi and don't forget to subscribe.

Find her & say hi

Have a fab weekend beauties!


  1. Oh gosh this is so sweet you have made my day lovely! Thankyou so much for mentioning myself and my blog glambeautys! X

  2. Looking good. What type of foundation did she use?

    1. Liza said she believes it was the Bourjois Healthy Mix. xxx


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