September 9, 2013

Review: Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara

Hello beauties! It has been a while I wrote a review as I just have so many posts to share from my vacation and other things. But I know how much you all love to read the reviews so I though I would do this one as it is such a long time coming.

I have been using this mascara for a few months now. A really long time ago {sorry I cannot remember when exactly I got it} I saw this at the drugstore once and it had a discount and since I was thinking of trying out a new mascara instead of just sticking to the L'oreal telescopic I went for it.

I have been using it everyday ever since I got it and I love it! I am guessing I am probably running out now and would need to either replace or try something else again but let's see what the prices look like at the store this time.

Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express
Review of Maybelline Rocket Volum Mascara
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Below are some before and after shots in which you can clearly see that my lashes look longer & bigger after applying this mascara.

Maybellin Rocket Volume Mascara Application, Before and After Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Mascara

The packaging goes hand in hand with maybelline's falsies collection. I'm sure you noticed what I mean from the pictures. I personally really like this size as opposed to my L'oreal telescopic. It is shorter and therefore fits better into makeup purses. Even if you have the small type you put into your handbag and carry around, it still fits {I tried it}.

The brush is different from all the other mascaras I have tried. it is larger and the brittles are in descending order towards the nose of the wand. This helps you to get longer lashes at the outer corner of your eyes which is an effect which I love.

The product applies smoothly with no clumps and you can already see the volume from using this mascara after the first coat. But I personally like to apply a few coats and also apply it lightly to the tips of my lashes which makes them look longer.

Price wise, I think it is quite affordable. I personally prefer to get it on discount when it costs about €6 but the full price is approximately €11 here in Latvia.

Overall Summary
Price - €9
Likes - Volume & length on lashes
Dislikes - None yet
Verdict - Most likely repurchasing
Available - Superdrug {£7.99}, Feel Unique { 8.49}

What do you think about this product?


  1. Now that's not fair! :P You already have great wouldn't even need mascara. But i def seen an effect. The looks fuller & longer.
    I'm just not a fan of the plastic brush. Def prefer the old fashioned one.
    But that's just me. :)

    1. Let's just say we all have some plus features. Great lashes but acne prone skin. haha.
      Yea, I have actually heard some people say that about the brushes. For me, no problem absolutely as long as it applies smoothly and makes it fuller & longer. I am a huge fan of super long lashes without the effort of using false lashes :)

  2. Great post - I might try out this mascara, sounds like it's a pretty good product for the affordable price :)

    Maria xx

    1. Let me know how you get on with it if you do. x

  3. Your lashes are gorgeous without mascara! So jealous! I think I want to try out this mascara. It did make your lashes a bit thicker, but I think they look great on their own too. :)

    1. Thanks beauty. Let me know if you decide to try it. x

  4. thanks for this blog i learned a lot ..

  5. Looks good! x

  6. Hi Nia. I found your blog on The Lovely Bunch blog hop. I have a bit of a love / hate relationship with this mascara. When I first bought it, it seemed to end up on my face all the time! I'm currently giving it a second chance and it seems fine. Maybe it was me! Lol. Carly. X Carly's Beauty World

    1. Glad to have you join the blog hop darling. I hope it works out this time, but I guess as with all products, sometimes they are not perfect for everyone so if there is something specific you like about it, you can just find another product with that feature and see maybe it fits better with you. x


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