September 3, 2013

Starting off: {Concealer}

Hello beauties and welcome to another post of the SO Project series. This week we have a new topic and even though I am not huge on this topic, I will tell you all I know. Last week we started off with skincare and I told you about skin types and what steps can be included in a skincare routine. Because skin type is important, I am going to refer to it then and now. If you would like to understand you skin time, please see the post here. Now on to this week's topic - Concealer.

Concealer is a product which is great for masking or covering up dark circles, blemishes, large pores and other imperfections which we may have on our face. Again, it is different from one person to another. One person may need to use a concealer solely for blemishes while another only for dark circle. The place you need it for actually impacts on what colour concealer {apart from skin colour} you need and what shade to get to match that area of your skin.

I never realized it before until sometime this year that such things as corrective concealers exist. There are quite a few colours, which sometimes gets confusing... but most important is returning to your childhood and remembering the colour wheel. Here are a few shades:

Mint green -  This colour is great for neutralizing redness. Use this on blemishes or scars

Pink/ lavendar - this covers yellow in the skin and brightens dull skin. Depending on the shade of pink, it can also be used to cover dark circles. But since pink+blue=purple, be careful unless you give your self a blue eye.

Yellow -  this is used to add an instant glow to the skin, soften and neutralize pink tones and even conceal dark circles.

Orange - this is a great shade for concealing dark circles in olive skin tones, hide freckles or hyper-pigmentation or neutralize greyness in medium & dark skin tones.

Here are a few I have tried with a summary of what I personally think about each of them:

MUA Hide & Conceal Cover-up Stick
This product is available in light and medium shade. I tried this sometime a while back (last year or very beginning of this year) and the shade just did not fit me as it was too light. I wasn't too disappointed as it only cost me £1.

MUA Hide & Conceal Cover-up Stick

Catrice Allround Concealer
I bought this product (as well as others from this brand) a while before summer and have been using it on & off since then. 3 of them are too light for me so I don't use them at all. The other 2 which are corrective shades are quite handy. This product is available in Europe but I am not sure if it is available anywhere else. It isn't too expensive. Approximately 4 {as far as I remember}.

Catrice Allround Concealer

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
Now this product is one which basically everyone has heard of. I was only able to get my hands on it this summer and I love it. This product is amazing! It is light weight, great coverage and stays on all day. Yes, it is on the pricey side {cost me 20€} but it is totally worth it. I will have a review up next week to give you the full details.
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer
I apply my MAC Pro Longwear concealer with a brush. Anyway, I'm not very big on concealers, but I do hope you enjoyed the post. If you have any question or suggestions on what I should try for my oily skin, let me know in the comments. Also, feel free to leave me your links to your SO project posts.

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  1. "Pink/ lavendar - this covers yellow in the skin and brightens dull skin."

    Huh. This makes sense to me, since I do know pinkish makeup looks much better on me than anything peachish, plus it's basic Photoshop color correction! but I'd never really given it much thought in terms of deliberately using lavender and pink makeup to make my skin look less dull. May have to look into that.

    Thanks for sharing!


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