November 2, 2013

Review: Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set

Hello beauties, I hope you are having a fab weekend. A while ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Nanshy and received one of their brush sets. I was so excited for it to arrive as I was really in need of some more brushes and the set which I picked looked amazing.

Nanshy is a UK based brand which is aimed at providing the best in cosmetic accessories like brushes, cases, bags, eyelash curlers and other quality products at affordable prices. I was sent the Luxury Makeup Brush Set* as I thought it would be very useful as it has both face and eye brushes.

Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set
Nanshy Luxury Makeyp Brush Case
Nanshy Luxury Makeup Brush Set Review
Nanshy Face brushes
Nanshy eye brushes
Nanshy affordable Face and eye brushes

The brushes came in a plastic box containing this lovely white case and 13 brushes. I love the packaging as it is crispy white and looks like a very cool wallet. Carrying around my brushes has never been more classy.  Inside the case were 13 nicely placed brushes: 4 face brushes and 9 eye brushes. This set is sold for £29.95 which is an amazing price as it means each brush is about £2.3. 

The face brushes included a foundation brush, a powder/ foundation brush, a powder brush and an angled blush brush. The eye brushes included an eyelash/ eyebrow spoolie, a fluffy shadow blending brush, a small shadow brush, an angles shadow brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow brush, a crease brush, an angled brow brush and a liner brush. Nanshy brushes are cruelty free and vegan. The brushes have light ergonomically designed handles which makes application very easy and the bristles are made of soft, antibacterial synthetic hair.

After using the brushes for a bit, I put them to the cleaning test. We all know there is nothing worse that brushes which shed. So the best ay to check the quality is to see if they are still as great after the first wash or have to be thrown out. I am very glad to say the Nanshy brushes passed the test. They did not shed and are as soft as ever which makes me very happy as I am really enjoying their use.

Doesn't that look amazing? I think the set is well worth it considering the price and quality.

Overall Summary
Price - £29.95
Likes - Soft bristles which passed cleaning test
Dislikes - None
Verdict - Love them! Want the face brush set.
Available - Beautystore4u, Amazon

Have you tried Nanshy brushes? Let me know what you think.


  1. They look fab! I haven't tried these before but look so good and for a great price! x

  2. Such a pretty set I love the brush packaging x

  3. Interesting look on the handlesWith the curves! Great review!


  4. Thanks for visiting my diary and commenting during a constructive manner, following on already! nice diary your have-I notably enjoyed your post on top of as I simply attended a Smash box event wherever the conjure artists all used brushes to use foundation giving a pretty mat and even finish!

  5. Those brushes look very classy.The handles remind me of Sonia Kaskuk's. Nikki at


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